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How To Merge All Your Google Plus Accounts

Google is awesome! but too much of a good thing can sometimes be a problem. I have 7 Gmail addresses in total, and now I have 7 Google Plus pages to go with them. So what’s a blogger to do? I have to combine all of my Google+ accounts, that’s what. And since I know […]

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“Bloop It” Founder Michael Gitter on Miami Tech: “People Here Are Open, Want It To Succeed”

The Miami tech scene is booming. And Bloop It (bloopit.co) may just be the next Instagram. The locally created video sharing app is the brainchild of New York transplant Michael Gitter, who moved to Miami just for the sake of headquartering his company here. That’s because from Wynwood to Brickell, entrepreneurs, programmers, creatives, and capitalists […]

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Top 10 Features of VoIP and Cloud Phone Systems

Landlines are so last century.  It’s time you start doing business on the cutting edge of technology and get yourself a ‘Cloud Phone’ or VoIP (voice over internet protocol) telecom solution. VoIP and ‘Click To Call’ rules! Here are the top 10 time and money saving features of the new paradigm in vocal data communications. […]

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Top 10 Florida Inventions Of All Time

Florida is home to beautiful year round sunshine, and the world’s brightest minds. And since all great innovations improve on past technologies, here is our tribute to the Top 10 Florida inventions of all time. 10. Suntan Cream Invented by: Benjamin Green, 1944 Thank you for providing an avenue for the beautiful Brazilian girls of […]

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Cuban Social Hacker Talks Hackathon For Cuba In Miami

In Cuba, the blazing fast speed of technology is more like the slow crawl of a tortoise whose legs have been broken by the government. However, the same processes of innovative thought that rule most every other aspect of life on The Island, apply to information technology as well. And with that in mind, the […]

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