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Burger King To Take Mobile Payments

Don’t be surprised when your phone starts asking “Would you like fries with that?” Soon you will be able to pay for your Whopper with your iPhone, Droid, and Windows mobile.

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Kind Bars #kindawesome

Kind Bars Use Reddit to Deliver Nut Bars and Roses On Bicycle #Kindawesome

The greatest use of internet technology may be in finding creative ways to get stuff for free. So thank you Kind Bars for delivering your delicious product, along with an orange rose, via bicycle, in an origami box, to us this morning for your “Send A Flower To A Friend” promotion.

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one laptop per child

One Laptop Per Child Moves To Miami!

The ever-growing mass of Miami’s tech scene is creating a stronger gravitational pull for established companies and startups to relocate to America’s tech subtropics.

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WPLG Miami Sold To Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway In A Billion Dollar Stock Deal

Warren Buffet is getting out of the newspaper game and buying into television. Through his company Berkshire Hathoway, he’s bought Miami’s WPLG in exchange for almost all of his shares in the company that started the Washington Post.

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Happy 25th Birthday World Wide Web!!!

Happy Birthday World Wide Web! Twenty-five years a go a British dude by the name of Tim Berners Lee created a system of interconnected computers telecommunicating across a fiber-optic tapestry called the World Wide Web. Ever since, we've been flying on a superhighway that has skyrocketed society through spacetime to bring us a present day [...]

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