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13 Most Important Pieces Of Advice For Digital Marketers

Understand and embrace the importance of content strategy as a foundational element of your SEO and online marketing campaign. Furthermore, know and understand the difference between high-quality and low-quality content. Too many business owners publish just about anything because they think they need to publish tons of content to perform well in search results. But […]

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4 Totally Spankin’ Growth Hacks for Twitter

Who wants to spend their whole day trolling Twitter? No one. I’m over it, you’re over it; let’s just get on with our lives. So, you want to build relevant followers, have meaningful conversations, and not spend your entire day doing so? THIS IS HOW WE DO IT: Listen to Your Target Audience’s Posts It’s […]

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Tips for Getting Organic Do-Follow Backlinks On Reddit

The all coveted do-follow Reddit backlink can instantly increase your website rankings as well as give you exposure to a highly targeted audience. Reddit is a strange, twisted place and while it’s sometimes a hit or miss scenario, the following strategies have hit for me every time. Research and Analysis This may seem like a no […]

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What the Potato Salad Guy Taught Us About Marketing

Most of you probably already know about last weeks greatest Kickstarter campaign, where Zack Brown of Columbus Ohio dryly requested funding ($10) stating “I’m making potato salad” and inadvertently raised over $40,000 to do so. Finding himself a celebrity on Reddit, as well as pulling off a guest spot on Good Morning America, I can […]

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Understanding How Google My Business Can Increase Conversions and ROI

Since the release of the new Google My Business (GMB) platform, the SEO community has been buzzing about its implications for internet marketing. This technology allows small business owners to enter their information once and have it populate across all of Google’s services. In addition, the new platform can help businesses increase their visibility on […]

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