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15 Important Artists Who Have Helped Revive Wynwood

Bhakti Baxter Born in Miami in the late 70’s, Baxter received his BFA from New World School of the Arts and has spent most of his life in South Florida. So there’s no doubt Wynwood pieces like the one above hold a special place for him, though Baxter isn’t limited to just the 305. His works have […]

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How Low Can Basel Go? The Unconventional Guide to #ABMB14

Art Basel is officially here, which means 24-hour parties, long days at the convention center, and a constant stampede of hipsters in Wynwood – all par the course for Miami’s premier art event. It’s no fun being normal though. So here’s our ultimate guide to the off-beat activities you can join in on during this […]

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20 People You Need to be Following on Ello

Everyone’s still a little suspicious of Ello. There’s been a ton of back and forth about if it’s rising, falling, staying the same, breaking, etc. Regardless of all that, while you’re on the platform you might as well get some inspiration. So, here are 20 Ello accounts of awesomeness that you should follow right now: […]

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13 Most Important Pieces Of Advice For Digital Marketers

Understand and embrace the importance of content strategy as a foundational element of your SEO and online marketing campaign. Furthermore, know and understand the difference between high-quality and low-quality content. Too many business owners publish just about anything because they think they need to publish tons of content to perform well in search results. But […]

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4 Totally Spankin’ Growth Hacks for Twitter

Who wants to spend their whole day trolling Twitter? No one. I’m over it, you’re over it; let’s just get on with our lives. So, you want to build relevant followers, have meaningful conversations, and not spend your entire day doing so? THIS IS HOW WE DO IT: Listen to Your Target Audience’s Posts It’s […]

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