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How To Monitor Your Backlinks To Maximize Your Search Ranking

Auditing Your Backlinks Is Key To High Organic Search Rankings Have your rankings tanked recently? Worried that someone built bad backlinks to your website? Read this blog to learn the importance of monitoring your back links! Your website’s online health is crucial to optimizing for search ranking. Many webmasters, do-it-yourselfers, agencies, and even organizations forget that […]

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Top 5 Apps That Are Missing In Miami

Who wants to be a billionaire?! Miami is one of the most mobile device obsessed cities in the USA. And that means all the future disruptive industry dominators in the universe should be right here on our fair shores testing the market for their products. Unfortunately for us, most tech companies and startups are based […]

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Google Announces New Mobile Friendly Ranking Algorithm

Via Google Webmasters on Blogspot Are you sick of high ranking websites that are terrible to browse on mobile devices? So is Google. That’s why they have just announced their new mobile ranking algorithm, which values the same features as you do on your mobile web experience. Their official statement partly reads, ” We’re boosting the ranking […]

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10 Things to Keep in Mind During Content Creation

Almost anyone can begin a blog on any subject they are interested in discussing. Although it is fairly easy to start a blog there, are things you should understand about creating content. The following is a listing that you should remember for your content creation. Decide on an Exciting Title Determining a catchy title is […]

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3 Marketing Predictions for 2015 That No One is Recognizing

As the final days of 2014 come to a close, click baiting marketers everywhere are releasing their “Top 10 Marketing Trend Predictions for 2015” – which annoys me every year. We all know the trends because we’re the ones creating the trends. Either way, I felt inspired to add my two cents this year and […]

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