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Happy 25th Birthday World Wide Web!!!

Happy Birthday World Wide Web! Twenty-five years a go a British dude by the name of Tim Berners Lee created a system of interconnected computers telecommunicating across a fiber-optic tapestry called the World Wide Web. Ever since, we've been flying on a superhighway that has skyrocketed society through spacetime to bring us a present day [...]

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LED Smart Streetlight

Florida Power & Light Installing 75,000 Web Enabled Streetlights In Miami

FPL worker installing new LED streetlight As the internet continues to develop at breakneck speed, more and more everyday devices are connecting to each other, sometimes on a massive scale. The latest to do so will be the 75,000 web enabled street lights that Florida Power and Light is installing in Miami-Dade County through a [...]

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Miami Tech News Roundup

  Another day, another bag of money. Life in Miami's technology sector moves faster than Justin Bieber in a rented Lambo multiplied by Mario Andretti on a track in Daytona. If you don't pay attention, you could miss out on the headlines... Don't worry, we've got your back. Here are the latest and greatest news [...]

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cellphone addiction

National Day of Unplugging Interview with Tanya Schevitz, National Unplug Day Organizer

The National Day of Unplugging is not a Communist conspiracy to disrupt the world technology market. Supposedly. That’s our takeaway from a Friday morning interview with Tanya Schevitz, the….

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Win $25,000 at eMerge Americas Hackathon

  This May, eMerge Americas and Tech Miami Week take the international stage as a global vision's worth of entrepreneurs, futurists, and industry insiders hit the 305 with more events, panels, speakers, and technology than you can throw a room-sized computer at. One of the events we're most excited about is eMerge Americas Hackathon.   [...]

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