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Smart Sites Engage Visitors Through Goal Oriented Interactive Design

Set The Pace Of Traffic The move in web design from static pages that employ basic linear storytelling to simply convey a message is finally moving into application-driven design with built-in conversion goals promulgated by interactivity. This smart-design concept uses native intelligence to adapt all site content to its point of access: from smart-watch sized […]

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Wynwood Street Art In 100 Different Styles (GIF)

   If Wynwood street art was a form of Kung Fu, it might be called the Thousand Hand Style. There is literally free expressive art work to be found on nearly every public surface in this traditionally Puerto Rican barrio turned arts district between the neighborhoods of Overtown and Little Haiti, just East of Allapattah […]

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Wynwood Art Walk May 2014 Pacific 54 BBQ

We here at Pacific54 are proud of our connection to the Wynwood Arts District. For the past 2 years, our home here on 27th street has taught us about the power of the City of Miami’s creativity to effect change on a global scale. Everyday we look out of our windows in the Zebra Building […]

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Guest Blogging Isn’t Dead, You’re Just Doing it Wrong

  The SEO world came to a halt in the beginning of 2014 when Matt Cutts boldly proclaimed that guest blogging was dead. Fortunately, he was wrong, but not completely misguided. Lots of SEO’s took advantage of guest blogging, turning a respected and difficult practice into spam. However, there are still plenty of reasons guest […]

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YPO Lean In Women’s Conference Miami 2014 Wynwood Art Trip

Everyday in Wynwood, more and more companies, organizations, and individuals are conducting events that draw on and add to the neighborhood’s creative energy. Today, we ran across the YPO “Lean In Women’s Conference” conducting an art experience in a parking lot between NW 2nd and 3rd Avenues on 27th street. YPO is short for the Young Presidents’ Organization, a world renowned international networking group with more powerful and ambitious members than a year’s worth of Forbes magazines.

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