15 Important Artists Who Have Helped Revive Wynwood

Bhakti Baxter

  • Bhakti Baxter

    Born in Miami in the late 70’s, Baxter received his BFA from New World School of the Arts and has spent most of his life in South Florida. So there’s no doubt Wynwood pieces like the one above hold a special place for him, though Baxter isn’t limited to just the 305. His works have been exhibited and received acclaim both nationally and internationally. His most recent accolade: national recognition from the Americans for the Arts Conference this past June during it’s Public Art 2014 Year in Review.  Taking part in Miami-Dade County’s Art in Public Places initiative, Baxter’s “Coral Reef City”–a project in which he wrapped 18 Port of Miami toll booths in high-quality magnified pictures of coral, completed in conjunction with marine biologist Colin Foord and Coral Morphologic–was chosen as one of 37 finalists out of over 340 entries, cementing Baxter’s place among some of the nation’s best.
    – Check out Bhakti’s: Facebook / Instagram / Gallery Diet Profile

Alex Senna

  • Alex Senna

    Hailing from São Paulo, Brazil, Alex Senna is known mostly for love-themed pieces like the one above. The lanky lovers are part of the appeal of Senna’s work, which has been on display in various locales such as São Paulo, Barcelona, Madrid, Paris, Rome, Berlin, Toronto, London, New York, and right here in Miami. With such an extensive body of work dating back to 2009, Senna has distinguished himself as one of the premier artists featured in Wynwood.
    – Check out Alex’s: Facebook / Instagram / Website

Daniel Fila

  • Daniel Fila/Krave

    Daniel Fila–the artist many know simply as Krave–is eclectic in his artistic talents, to say the least. Having completed both figurative and abstract pieces using everything from paint to animation to sculpting, Fila/Krave has a knack for using whatever’s in the vicinity to create masterful works. And he’s received acclaim for his work: you might recognize the above-piece–titled “The Sunbather”–from driving by it on Biscayne Blvd., north of NE 36th street, or from glimpsing it as it was featured in Michael Bay’s 2013 film “Pain and Gain”. Either way, Fila has made a name for himself in the Miami art scene, and we hope to see more of his work in the future.
    Check out Daniel’s: Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Website

El Mac

  • El Mac

    Miles “Mac” MacGregor makes the trek to South Florida from our West Coast counterpart, Los Angeles. Born in 1980, Mac has been into art almost from the moment he was born. It’s no wonder then that his calling brought him in contact with the works of numerous Classic European artists such as Caravaggio and Vermeer who inspired him in his use of acrylics and graffiti art. In the late 90’s and early 2000’s, Mac began to experiment with portraits. Ever since, Mac’s become an acclaimed name in art scenes nationwide, being featured in magazines and art exhibitions from coast to coast, as well as in various other countries like Mexico, Sweden, South Korea, Italy, Puerto Rico, Spain, France, and Germany, and Cuba.
    Check out Mac’s: Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Website


  • Francesco LoCastro

    The Italian-born LoCastro received his art degree at FAU in Boca, so it’s safe to say he’s been influenced by South Florida’s art scene. However, aside from the numerous South Beach exhibitions his pieces have been displayed in, LoCastro’s work has also been seen in galleries in various cities in California, Texas, Nevada, Colorado, New York, Arizona, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. To say that LoCastro’s nationwide is an understatement, but we like to think there’s a special place for him right here in Wynwood.
    Check out Francesco’s: Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Website


  • Herakut

    The name Herakut stands as a combination of the artists’ actual names: Hera and Akut. Considering the names fit together so smoothly, it’s no surprise that this German-bred duo do too, working together for the past decade to create haunting pieces such as the one above, displayed in cities from San Francisco to Melbourne. The two credit their artistic style to embracing the craft of storytelling, with Hera creating the characters and Akut focusing on the realism in the painting. Put them together and you get pieces that evoke the emotions of an entire novel in just one picture. Looking forward to more from these two in the near future.
    Check out Herakut’s: Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Website


  • iNO

    Ino’s website features the following bio: “iNO was born in Greece and studied Fine Arts. His work has been invading the streets since 2000.” Simple, to say the least, which does anything but describe iNO’s work itself. Specializing in intricate, detailed portraits like the one above, iNO is no stranger to Wynwood, having had other pieces on display before. The Greek-born artist completed this piece after Art Basel last year, and we can only hope he’s dreaming up another piece as we speak.
    Check out Ino’s: Facebook / Instagram / Website


  • Jaz

    Known as one of Argentina’s most talented artists, Franco Fasoli–also known as Jaz–has been doing street art since the late 90’s. Initially adopting a musical theme to much of his work, Jaz started incorporating animals into his work in the late 2000’s, eventually experimenting with combining animals and humans and inserting elements of fighting styles such as wrestling to create the unique pieces that have gotten him critical acclaim to this day. The piece above has received much attention as well, expanding Jaz’s fan base to the Wynwood area.
    Check out Jaz’s: Facebook / Instagram / Website


  • Marlon Pacheco/Marle

    Marlon Pacheco aka Marle started out in the industry as a Computer Graphics Artist for Mega TV Spanish Broadcasting System, where he went on to win two Emmy awards for his CG work. Following the recognition, Pacheco was heavily recruited by various companies, landing at Reel FX in Dallas, TX back in 2011, a job that Pacheco says was his “best and most rewarding experience yet.” With a resume like that, amazing pieces like the one above are no surprise.
    Check out Marlon’s: Instagram / Website

Pixel Pancho

  • Pixel Pancho

    If Italian street art is considered a style of its own, then Pixel Pancho has created his own niche within the niche. Specializing in sci-fi-themed pieces featuring robots and “earthy color schemes to convey a more ancient feeling”, Pancho is known to display his art through any available medium: tiles, walls, and even stickers.
    Check out Pixel’s: Facebook / TwitterInstagram / Website


  • Rone

    Part of the artistic collective known as Everfresh Studios, Rone is known mostly for his portraits of beautiful women, many of them displaying the recurring image of a particular woman Rone likes to call his Jane Doe. Initially a stencil artist, Rone recently switched to free hand, which has allowed him a little more freedom in his work. The results, as you can see, are outstanding.
    Check out Rone’s: Vimeo / Instagram / Website


  • Above

    One of the more enigmatic artists on our list, Above is unique in that he’s been working in the industry since 2001 and has yet to reveal his identity. Traveling from California to Paris in 2001 at the age of 19, Above found himself influenced by various French street artists. Upon returning to the U.S., he embarked on his “U.S. World Tour”, kickstarting what’s proven to be a lucrative career.
    Check out Above’s: Facebook / Instagram / WikipediaWebsite


  • Atomik

    One of the more iconic names in Miami street art, Atomik’s signature–a widely smiling personified orange–can be seen all over the city, from walls to poles to t-shirts bought off Atomik’s website. Crediting the city and the 1980’s graffiti artists for both his style and color schemes, Atomik is Miami to the core. Part of the reason he’s so prominently displayed in Wynwood. The other part: the dude’s talented.
    Check out Atomik’s: Instagram / Website

Puppet Industries

  • Puppet Industries

    There’s not a lot of personal information out there about the man known as Puppet Industries, but there’s enough iconic pieces like the one above for people to know when they’re looking at one of his works. Calling himself the Gridman and having been doing work since 2008, Puppet Industries is sure to become a well-known name in the Wynwood area, if not the country.
    Check out Puppet’s: Facebook / Instagram / Website

Casey Waterman

  • Casey Waterman

    Waterman is another artist with a low-key personality, though pieces like the one above hint at a much bolder presence. Hailing from New Hampshire, he currently resides in South Beach, though his art is totally Wynwood.
    Check out Casey’s Facebook


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