33 Links to Useful Resources for Your PPC Campaign

The world of paid advertising can be confusing – too many business owners don’t truly understand how to set up and run a successful paid ad campaign. Pay-per-click (PPC) can seem intimidating, but it’s one of the most effective marketing methods out there.

With the wide variety of free and paid resources available to help you, setting up and successfully running your first PPC campaign is just a few clicks away. From creating your ad to tracking its performance to optimizing your landing page, get the maximum return on your ad investment with these 33 helpful resources for your next PPC campaign. This guide includes:

  • Top 11 Resource Links For Google Ads
  • Top 10 Resources For Facebook Ads
  • Resources for Ad Designs
  • Useful Links To Check Conversion Codes
  • Helpful Links for PPC Management
  • Top 5 PPC Resource Links for Websites

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