6 Factors Badly Affecting Your Social Media Strategy

Social media strategies are new marketing techniques used by various businesses to hold their feet in the fertile land of web based marketing. Social media campaigns can easily be adopted. Anyone can master upon social media strategies because there is no rocket science behind it. Whatever you are marketing online or using offline channels, the objective remains same, which is to satisfy the client with your actions and speech. It depends upon how you present yourself to the people you are going to market your product or service. The techniques for pioneering these strategies are easily implemented. However, you may find people who are still messed up and don’t know what to do with social media marketing and how much they can get out of it. I will tell you how you can screw up your social media strategies.

Build a profile, and ignore it forever

You may have seen various pages or social media profiles about certain businesses on popular social networks. They create a bridge between customers and the business of communication and sharing thoughts.However, you may have noticed that most of these types of fan pages or profiles are hardly checked by the developers. They hardly respond to the customers posts, leaving a bad impression and causing dissatisfaction.

Disappoint customers when they’re in need

Obviously you will not ignore the customer for your business, but are you sure that you are checking customers’ requests, posts, comments or tweets regularly. You need to develop such habit otherwise, customers will think that you are not bothered about them, and it will end giving a bad impression of the business.

Discouraging non-marketing employees for representation

Marketing people are not the only ones who represent the company; you should encourage other people who are also the part of company to represent to fullest by sharing company content on social networks, amongst friends, family and other businesses. This can help a lot in creating awareness of the business.

Let management review and respondall social media posts

On social media networks, if you are reviewing all posts and responding them than it will lead to disaster because due to busy schedules, you will be missing the most part of responding to the posts. Assigning a dedicated person for this job will allow you to share workload and respond on the social network on time, which will help satisfying the customers.

Do Not Allow discussion

Nobody likes taking others opinions when it comes to managing things and it might lead to trouble at times. Allowing users to debate on your posts will help you gain interest of the users and they will play active part in giving suggestions for the business and will promote it by themselves. You can do it by adding some phrase at end of writing, something like, “What do you think?”or “need suggestions!”

Give up after a few weeks

You have to stay focused to the time you are expecting results through social media because it may take some weeks or months for the business developing relations with clients. You need to be patient;obviously, you will not be getting 100% attendance as soon as you posted something.