A Day in the Life of Pacific54: Boomerang Style

GIF’s have been making the world a better place for quite some time now. They’re simple, they’re cute, and make saying menial things like “ok” into an artistic Full House throwback of “you got it dude”.


Instagram has jumped on the GIF train and released Boomerang, your very own GIF creator. The app records a short video that plays forward and then plays backwards hence, the name boomerang. Drop whatever you’re doing – unless it’s holding an infant- and download the app for free on the app store. These videos can be shared on other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. and guarantee to have you thinking like Spielberg.

We’re excited to see how we can implement this new tool into our social media campaigns. As a warm up we give you:

A Day in the Life of Pacific54

9:00 AM

Our copywriter Chris assumes the sumo position to open the gates to P54 heaven.

9:13 AM

Double espressos to get the team rowdy for our morning meetings.

11:00 AM

Buddha, our peace keeper and lady charmer, is all tail wags as lunch approaches.

1:30 PM

Brainstorming in circles, because squares are so 2014.

6:oo PM

Time to pack up the shop and head home!

6:01 PM

Our social media manager peaces out faster than you can say “I love Pacific54”.