“About Us” page – A way to building online business credibility

Businesses all over the world are evolving and the use of internet is on the rise to promote businesses. A business in any corner of the world can be easily accessed through internet by sitting in your home. So as easy as it is to understand, to sustain in this cutthroat market today, business websites are of integral importance. However, when it comes to developing business websites it is not at all easy. Business websites can become a bit of hassle at times and it is very easy to go wrong when it comes to business websites for promoting your business.

A business website should contain an “About Us” page, which allows the users to know who the people running the business really are. An insight of what they do and how they do it puts people to ease and helps removing insecurities about getting involved in a business with a particular company. However, the dilemma that comes in here is that an about us page is usually neglected by the company thinking that it is not significant.

According to a research carried out by Stanford Web Credibility Research, 10 guidelines where derived which influence the credibility of business websites and it should not come as a surprise to you that 3 of them were related to about us. About us, in essence, should highlight the expertise and the area of interest of your company. Moreover, it also acts as a window to knowing that there are dedicated, honest and efficient people behind the business website of a company.

An about us pages ultimately leads to securing the confidence of the patron looking to get involved in business transactions with your organization. When visiting the business website of an organization, an average user is expected to click on the about us page out of the curiosity or a serious attempt to knowing the people of the company.

An about us section on your website is a little like the “about me” essays you used to write back in junior school. Whether or not you like writing about yourself, as was the case with about me essays when you were a kid, you can be unsure as of what to write about yourself. Which details to give out and how to explain about yourself can be pain in the neck at times. Working on the about us page for your business can be intimidating for the owner of the business. Forgetting you dread writing about writing about yourself and tactfully, creating a page is what writing an about page is all about. You need to explain who you area what dimensions you need to inform your potential customers about you.

An important lesson that social media revolution teaches us is that people like doing business only when they feel safe and vice versa. That highly needed sense of security can be developed in them if you can create a good about us page. You are likely to attract a customer if you can build trust. Here we discuss threevital things that an about us page should contain. These must haves are equally applicable on small and medium business. These three important elements are:

1. Pictures of your work place and the team you work with.
2. Telling a story about your company values, and how you stand by them firmly in all circumstances
3. Information about the employees of your organization including their skills, certificates, credentials.