Advancements in New Celebrity Endorsement Advertising Program

Google has not stopped surprising us with its amazing offers and superfluous services. In last few years, we are experiencing innovative additionsthat bring ease and comfort in our lives. There is no other opinion that Google has become a center of all activities on the internet. We cannot think about surfing online without Google and its extra ordinary applications, which are now essential parts of our business as well as personal dealings. Recently, Google has come up with a new feature known as “Celebrity Endorsement Advertising Program” that will be displayed in search queries as an endorsement by celebrities.

Google users will be able to experience this amazing feature in the paid search programs, as a part of their new advertisement. Although it is in testing phase and being established with multiple platforms to get verified endorsements by celebrities on popular brands. Of course, it is going to be a big blow for other search engines. This advertisement program is linked with Google + button promotion and testing, which is being held nowadays. Google’s Christian Oestlien at a conference in New York revealed this enchanting news.

Since it is not launched yet, Christian Oestlien preferred to keep most of its features secret and only discussed some of surpassed attributes.Just like Google +, which is being tested for many months, Celebrity Endorsement Advertising Program is also including a bit of top advertisersin this program before making it live as a full fledge system. Once the review and testing phase is successfully completed, it will be in public domain that everyone can enjoy.

New Celebrity Endorsement Advertising Program will not be available in all platforms. You have to go for paid search if you are looking to see celebrity endorsements for a specific brand. Taking direct quotes from an eyewitness, let us see how this will work in real searches online. For instance, you search for “Kardashian Collection Sears”, now Google will list down all possible search results that will include its enforcementsby KhloeKardashian. This sometimes seems confusing, as you cannot exactly get who is endorsing the brand and is it just like media commercials that you on television.

In reality, through New Celebrity Endorsement Advertising Program, Sears Company tells Google that Kardashians have endured their clothing line, which is showed on their website. In addition, this notion of endorsement will let the followers of that celebrity to know their choices and will in turn boost up Sear’s sales. This was actually the example shown during illustrations of testing phase and it appeared successfully.

Just like initial days of Google +, this is all we know about New Celebrity Endorsement Advertising Program and its progress in the testing phase. With time, as new information comes up, we will get more insight of this program and its effects in terms of advertisement and promotional strategies by companies. I hope that this will be a new addition to already establish marketing and promotional tools introduced by Google.