Miami Digital Marketing Manager: A Day in the Life of… Mary Selep!

Hello all! Nice to meet you, my name’s Mary. As the Account Manager for Pacific54’s marketing clients, I essentially act as the communication hub. I am the glue between the clients and the team, which means I respond to 75% of client emails (the rest get ignored…only kidding! The team also handles client communication), am on every phone call and meeting, and handle reporting, task management, time management, and hiring.
It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what an account manager does. When I start my day, I always have a plan of attack that usually gets utterly derailed by emails, meetings, client requests and the occasional emergency. It’s not easy to define a typical day in the life of Mary Selep, but let’s try!

A day in the life of a digital marketing manager

8:00AM – I arrive at the Pacific54 office. Our hours are 9AM-6PM, but someone has to arrive early to unlock the doors, turn on the music, and start making coffee! The first thing I do each morning is check our unified inbox to make sure I know what’s going on in the lives of my clients.
9:00AM – The rest of the Pacific54 team arrives. Usually they come say hi, or I head to the kitchen for my second of many cups of coffee.
10:00AM – It’s time for Pacific54’s morning meeting! As the account manager, every day I will choose two clients to discuss in depth with the Pacific54 team, and by the end of the month every client has been discussed at least twice. I review when we’re meeting next, what we’ve promised the client, what the client expects, and how we can accomplish our marketing goals together.
11:00AM – From here on out, each day is unique. Sometimes we have 3 meetings scheduled, sometimes our designer is overbooked and needs a hand, sometimes I owe clients monthly reports or am overwhelmed by emails, and once in a blue moon I will have a chill day where I can catch up on my sanity.
2-3:00PM – My one rule of the day, no matter how busy I get, is that I get to eat lunch. It’s easy to get caught up in the urgency of client emails, but I’ve learned that I need to treat myself right in order to provide the best possible service to our clients. Mary Selep is a creature of habit – I frequent the local spots everyone loves more than I care to admit. My friends over at Wynwood Kitchen and Bar and Miam Cafe know me by name (tell them I say hi!), but I also frequent the Diner, Joey’s, GKB, and of course Sushi Tuesday at Suviche!
6:00PM – The team begins to wind down and close up, but on most days, I stay late to finish up time-sensitive projects or send out some last minute emails. At the end of the day, the account manager takes responsibility for what the agency has promised clients. This can be good and bad – sometimes I receive compliments from clients about the excellent campaigns my colleagues have created, but I also will handle the feedback on proposals we might have missed the mark on. In those scenarios, I act as problem solver, damage mitigator, and helping hand to any team member who might need it. Sometimes my role requires a little bit of overtime.

Marketing agency employment adventure

You may read this blog and think “Wow, you do a lot, Mary! You must be so experienced to have all of this responsibility as Pacific54’s account manager.”
It’s easy to draw that conclusion, but I’ve learned my trade almost entirely on the job. Mary Selep (yours truly) is a graduate of the University of Miami’s prestigious… pre-medical program with a major in Biology and Psychology. Partway through my junior year I decided that medicine wasn’t for me and started to pursue my creative passion via a few graphic design classes.
During the summer of 2016, I didn’t know what I wanted to do. I managed social media for a tarot artist and my boyfriend-at-the-time’s financial technology company, neither of which I was compensated for. To pay my rent, I dogsat while I networked and applied to jobs in the field I was most interested in – marketing.
Few of the applications I submitted were successful, but the networking definitely worked out in my favor. I met a friend, of a friend, of a friend, of one of Pacific54’s founders who offered me an interview the day we were introduced. That interview led to my first internship as a graphic design intern for Pacific54!

(Made this on my first day as a graphic design intern at Pacific54!)

Apparently I did a good job, because two weeks into my internship I was hired full time as social media manager for Pacific54. I learned best practices for paid social media advertising as well as strategies to boost organic social media engagement. I loved it because I was able to use my graphic design skills while still being challenged to learn new ones that enabled me to gain confidence in the marketing field. One of my old campaigns even made it into a case study – check it out!
About a year later, I was asked to take more responsibility at Pacific54. I would take over some administrative duties like reporting, task management, and team management as an Account Manager. A few months after that, I was trusted with the client communication that takes up most of my time on-the-job today. A few months from now? We’ll see what the future holds.

Challenges and opportunity

Never have I ever had a more rewarding career path than my journey to becoming an Account Manager for Pacific54. Every risk I’ve taken has been rewarded – either by succeeding or by learning from experience. Every time I’ve taken these risks, my coworkers and upper management have backed me up and taught me more about what is needed to be successful for myself and for our clients. I learn something new every day at Pacific54, but that’s all part of the fun!
Are you interested in working with me and the rest of the team? Let’s chat, Pacific54 can definitely help your business grow using digital marketing.

How The Google My Business App Can Increase Conversions and ROI

miami seo
Since the release of the new Google My Business (GMB) platform, the SEO community has been buzzing about its implications for internet marketing.
Pacific 54 has years of experience in Search Engine Optimization and knows firsthand that the Google My Business app is pivotal in achieving success from working with local companies and being experts in Miami SEO.
This technology allows small business owners to enter their information once and have it populate across all of Google’s services.
In addition, the new platform can help businesses increase their visibility on Google Plus, Google search results and other Google services.
Everyone knows that a strong online presence helps businesses grow, but Google My Business offers some less-obvious benefits for businesses who want to ramp up their local SEO and increase their bottom line.
Click here to learn more and to start the download process for Google My Business.
Let’s take a look at the various ways this platform can boost a business’s sales and conversions.

Consolidating Your Online Presence

miami seo
GMB allows users to combine many aspects of their online presence in one easy-to-use platform.
Your customer reviews, brand page, location, contact information and even social media marketing are brought together; customers are able to see this consolidated information in Google search results and across various Google properties.

Reputation Management

miami seo

The Google My Business app also gives users the ability to have better control over negative reviews.
Not only can businesses see the feedback they receive from customers, but they can also respond to those reviews and analyze the effect of reviews on web traffic.
The Google Hangouts functionality even enables businesses to talk to their customers “in person” to resolve problems.

Controlling Ad Campaigns

miami seo

The Google Insights tool lets businesses segment and analyze their customer base. Companies can determine where their customers are coming from and learn more about those who are engaging with the business.

This deeper understanding of a business’s customers can be invaluable when rolling out a new ad campaign.

It’s clear that Google My Business will allow companies to gain better control over their local SEO. Being visible on Google properties can help ramp up sales and conversions by driving customers to an online business.

Google has been releasing new features and updating GMB somewhat secretly in recent months says Search Engine Land. Just goes to show how advantageous this tool

While this platform doesn’t offer much in the way of new tools or services, it makes these tools simpler for businesses to use.

If you’ve been putting off the task of getting your business listed on Google, there’s never been an easier time to take the plunge. Contact Pacific 54 now so we can help you take your company to the next level.

Smart Sites Engage Visitors Through Goal Oriented Interactive Design

Pacific54 Smart Design

Set The Pace Of Traffic

The move in web design from static pages that employ basic linear storytelling to simply convey a message is finally moving into application-driven design with built-in conversion goals promulgated by interactivity.
This smart-design concept uses native intelligence to adapt all site content to its point of access: from smart-watch sized screens to 60″ televisions with 4k resolution. When your site seamlessly integrates across all platforms, that is when you begin to see the positive results of a universal site experience across every device.
Creatives who endeavor to produce media-rich web experiences with quick load times, novel click drivers, active scrolling, and a “Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook” methodology, will be rewarded with happy customers who are astounded by the conversions with which you are able to intelligently generate passionate responses out of their leads.
The concept of a one page web site is just the starting point for an evolution in active surfing preferences that users are not always entirely aware they’re looking for. One thing is for sure though, 99% bounce rates, and 00:00 page times that some sites find in their metrics even after investing heavily to generate traffic are what the new paradigm is built for destroying.
To be sure, eyeballs rule the internet, but what precisely is it that they’re looking for? Customers may not know how to define the experiences that engage them in technical terms, but as usual the truth is evidenced by the cold hard data.

Web Applications Are The Future Of Goal Conversion

Users enjoy apps. They use them for everything from time management, to geolocation, cooking, travel, biometrics, and everything in between. They are big business too, driving millions of sales and downloads. Given the power and ubiquity of smart phones, in a very short period of time these useful tools have come to determine the way that consumers prefer to consume digital content.
Believe it or not, the average web user is a highly savvy information consumer who wants to be able to work in concert with an intelligent system to produce a result that solves a problem, entertains, or generates a socially relevant action.
What that means is that the business owner or web site operator who caters to this active surfer, and is able to not only secure their attention, but offer a useful, enjoyable, engaging, and shareable experience will be rewarded with personal information, and conversions for pre-determined goals that every facet of the site drives toward.
legend of zelda NES

Design Like Zelda

This logic follows the app driven paradigm, but uses storytelling to propel the user through the sitemap. Now, imagine that instead of creating a beginning, middle, and end type of website, you design a non-linear, choose your own adventure form of navigative propulsion. Think of it as a sort of playground for the imagination, where users innately base their interaction with a website on a game layer understanding of the world. This is the essence of intelligent web design for the purpose of online marketing.

Just as an example, think of your prospective website as the more than billion dollar revenue producing “Legend of Zelda,” series for the original 16 bit Nintendo Entertainment System.
Your user is free to roam the entirety of the incredibly rich universe you create for them. As they progress through the experience, they begin unlock the aspects of its totality. Now, this is not a universe that has to be incredibly graphically intensive, just compelling, with simple, clean and easily understood design that is always reflexive and inviting. Along the way, they will find Easter eggs, discover golden nuggets, interact with other characters, and be treated to rewards for successfully navigating simple problems.

charts and graphs

people like charts and graphs

The Metrics of Risk and Reward

This doesn’t mean making all websites into video games, it just means actively engaging users on a Pavlovian level. This is not an imperative to challenge your user to the point of frustration and abandonment though. The logistics in practice should be relatively simple. Every bell and whistle should trigger a jolt of endorphin similar to what one feels from pushing a button on a modern-day slot machine.
To advance, the user must take a risk, and receive a reward. The risk will be pushing an inviting button, or completing a simple action.
This will entice them to continue to explore your site, entertain them with your story, and finally beckon them when you initiate your call to action.

Get The Message?

Now, no matter what order viewers peruse your site in, they’re going to get your message.
What’s your message? That’s a very important decision. You will want to think long and hard about this because ultimately it is what you will be basing every aspect of your design around.
For, design isn’t just a visually appealing element, it is a visually appealing element that serves a specific purpose in the utility of your product. It’s what makes a Ferrari look fast, and drive fast.

Fun + Easy = Positive Interaction

It’s what makes an Apple product’s box fun to open, and easy to open.
Product design is what determines user interaction, also known as UX. It’s what multinational corporations spend millions of dollars a year out of their budgets on. But it is an art and a science that is also available to even the smallest of small business owners.
With simple and thoughtful execution, it is a facet of the surfing experience that anybody with a website can employ to derive ultimate satisfaction from their guests, and secure that all important conversion goal from them.
So, now that we’re back to that, let’s think about some of what we’ve discussed so far.

Your Story Is A Circle, Not A Line

Now, you should not only understand the theory behind non-linear and interactive design, but you should come up with the methods by which to employ it. This is a process that is as fun to create as it is to enjoy.
Adapt your thought process to employ the most resonant forms of communication possible.
Give your audience credit for their intelligence. You don’t have to tell anybody what to think. All you should do is give them something interesting to think about.
You don’t need to put your ideas into anybody’s head, show them your idea, and allow them to react to it organically.
Nobody can ever be 100% right one hundred percent of the time. Connect with your audience by expecting that they will take and choose what they like about what you have to say.
If you are boring with your tactics you will get a disinterested return. This is your mortal enemy. You want a strong reaction. You want people to agree with some of what you say, and also disagree with some of what you say.
At the end of the day, they will respect you more if a majority of what you say is agreeable. This is the theory of polarity. It’s like ying and yang, feng and shui, low and high tide. In life there must be balance. At the end of the movie good must overtake evil, but it’s never exciting if there isn’t a fight.
You must encourage a strong reaction. You must develop the deepest level of engagement while never offending your audience to the point of leaving the movie. Drama creates tension. And tension is the essence of attention.
When you string a guitar, you are creating tension. Then when you pluck the guitar string, you are releasing the tension. This release of tension is what creates the beautiful music you’re looking for. And the sound of clicks converting to dollars is music to our ears. Let’s make music together.

Have a question? Feel free to call us anytime. If you’re reading this sentence, we’d love to speak with you. Thanks for reading, and have a great day!