What are the Basic Elements of E Commerce?

elements of e commerce shopping bagThe basic rules of Physical marketplaces can be unanimously applied to digital marketplaces and vice-versa so there various lesson you can extract out of one another. Here we will explain four basic elements of e commerce that concluded from physical marketplaces, and further enhanced by the technology.

Online Storefront is the Product Manager

The digital place of your business and business dealings is the online storefront, the forefront of elements of e commerce. Every business has to be customized to fulfill the customers’ needs, their decision making process, their buying habits etc.

Similarly, business processes in e-commerce have to be altered, so that it becomes what customers want. Online Storefront, in essence, works as your ecommerce’s product manager.

It lets your customers enter your (virtual) store, learn about different products, gather information, and get the best possible shopping experience. To find a lost horse you need to think like a horse. In the same way, you need to think like a customer to know what the customer requires.

Picture, though are of great help, but they are not the only way to know a product. As a business marketer such as Pacific 54, you know that you do not only have to attract (for this Search Engine Optimizing is great) but also retain a customer and for that very reason, you have to figure out ways that will make things easier for buyers and lead them to a memorable shopping experience through stimulating Web Design with Visual Appeal.

Shopping Cart is used to build orders

elements of e commerce shopping cartCustomers can build their orders in many ways; however, the most usual way is the shopping cart.

A shopping cart together with a storefront can let shoppers increase the items on their purchase list. The shopping cart is one of the most crucial elements of e commerce as the shoppers can stay on product pages and know what they intend on ordering.

The shopping cart interface takes care of everything starting from the first time a customer indicates that he requires a particular product by submitting his delivery address to the final experience while retaining all its functionality. You want to make sure you have a smooth checkout and that starts with the shopping cart.

Payment acts as the Trade Gateway

The purpose of an electronic card reader is the same as a merchant gateway. A merchant gateway, it provides a safe and secure online connection to check and confirm the accessibility of funds, and lets an electronic transfer take place and account for the transactions taking place.

The more reliable a merchant gateway is, the better it is. Therefore, a more reliable merchant gateway is the one that also ensures anti fraudulent activities – by taking care of the safety precautions – such as confirming the address to eradicating the deceitful transactions.

Fulfillment is equal to the return of the product manager and the shopping cart

elements of e commerce order fulfillment Just like the product manager in a physical store lets a customer keep and show valuable information for the potential buys and allow them to enter and retain the much-needed information for filling out details of an order, like the product number and handling instructions etc.

E-commerce utilizes shopping cart software that is capable of producing order forms or order reports that contain all the needed information of every product that is in the order.

A more refined system can also automatically generate purchase orders for any extra inventory you require.