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Power & Psychology Of Color In Advertising

Do colors make you feel a certain way or bring back specific memories for some inexplicable reason? Does seeing red provide a feeling of alertness as seeing blue eases your stress and anxiety? Colors not only attract and stimulate the senses but they’ve also been playing a major role in creating alluring marketing campaigns for […]

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Finding an Internship That’s Right For You

Why Are Internships So Important?   When you’re on the hunt for a dream job, it’s important that you already have experience in the work world. Whether you are currently a student still weighing your options or a graduate looking to start a career – finding an internship that is right for you to help […]

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Life in Color Moves to Wynwood for 10th Anniversary Show

Life In Color Miami – Wynwood, January 28, 2017   Monday, January 30 –   The internationally renown Life in Color music festival celebrated their 10th anniversary Saturday with their most anticipated show to date.   The show featured LiC veterans  Diplo, and Carnage as well as headliners Marshmello, Desiigner, and Young Thug. Life in […]

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The ROI’s of the World Wide Web

        ROI, yeah we know.  Marketing Strategy, sure we’ve got it.  Digital Marketing is a growing industry that’s a great opportunity for businesses to affordably market their services and products. As a digital marketing agency we’ve grown keen to what WORKS for WHOM. For example, providing a service in a specific geographical area will […]

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Top 5 Pet Friendly Workspaces in Miami

Have you ever found yourself arguing with photoshop or praying for better wifi signal in your office? US TOO! The solution to most problems is simple: PET A DOG, inhale, exhale, and annihilate the issue! This week’s post is dedicated to pets and tech in Miami, because sometimes you have to work in the city […]

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