Bi-Weekly Roundup 1/7: Marketing News for PPC, Social Media & More

Published on Jan 7, 2021

Bi-Weekly Roundup 1/7: Marketing News for PPC, Social Media & More

With a new year and new possibilities, we can certainly look forward to exciting updates when it comes to paid social, SEM, and content marketing news. It’s not only a time to reflect on how to improve strategies and efforts based on what was learned in 2020, but a time to be open to fresh ideas and give unique concepts a try.

We’ve rounded up the most interesting marketing updates from around the web; keep reading to find out more. Maybe they’ll inspire you to try something new!

1. TechCrunch: Google is Testing a Search Feature That Shows Videos from TikTok & Instagram

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If you think you’re having a déjà vu moment – don’t worry, you’re not! This feature isn’t the same as Google’s other recent short-video feature, “Stories.” Rather than just displaying video content from Google’s publishing partners like the Stories feature, this new “Short Videos” feature will display short-form videos from platforms like Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and Trell.

The idea is to keep users on Google, as clicking on the videos will take you to a web version of the app, and you can simply click “back” to return to Google (rather than being taken to the social media app itself). To learn more about this feature being tested, read the full article by TechCrunch.

2. Search Engine Roundtable: Google Question Hub is Now Open for US Publishers

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While Google Question Hub may not necessarily be new, it’s now available to US publishers (previously, it was limited to a few countries). The feature allows content marketers to see what questions are left unanswered from user’s searches, which helps when it comes to finding ideas for blog and website content. To learn more, read the full article by Search Engine Roundtable.

3. Social Media Today: Facebook’s New Updates for Engagement Alerts

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While Facebook’s Engagement Alerts launched in May of 2020, the social media platform just added some more options and made the feature available to more group admins. As an admin of a group, you’ll be able to set parameters for how much engagement triggers an alert, and you can select what type of engagement you’d like to be alerted of. Plus, if an author of an approved post later makes an edit to the post, group admins will have an option to get notified that the post was edited. Interested in checking out more news about this feature? Read the full article by Social Media Today.

4. Search Engine Land: Bing Webmaster Tools Adds New Metrics to its Search Performance Report

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Bing recently added crawl requests, errors, and indexed pages to its search performance report, allowing marketers and website owners to have an all-in-one view of how their site is performing on the Bing search engine. While this information has been available in other reports and tools, this new update will make it much easier to see how these metrics relate to changes in website traffic. Read the full article by Search Engine Land to learn more about the new updates.

5. Digital Information World: Snapchat Plans to Introduce a New Fashion Feature for its Bitmojis

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This interesting update will be especially intriguing if you’re in retail or eCommerce. People love customizing their Bitmojis, and Snapchat understands this – which is why they’re testing a new feature that would essentially allow users to dress their Bitmojis with clothing items from different retailers.

Top retailers can use this opportunity to drive more interest in their latest collections, or simply drive more awareness about their brand in general. Read the full article by Digital Information World to learn more about this unique initiative.

Catch Our Next Bi-Weekly Roundup for More Marketing News!

Well, that about wraps up the top marketing news to start the year off. You can definitely expect to see more interesting updates from Google, Facebook, and other platforms as the year goes on, and you can head back over to our blog to get a quick recap every couple of weeks! Are you interested in trying any of these features out?

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