Bi-Weekly Roundup 8/24: Latest Digital Marketing & Advertising Trends

Published on Aug 24, 2020

Bi-Weekly Roundup 8/24: Latest Digital Marketing & Advertising Trends

As always, marketing and advertising trends change fast, and strategies get updated quickly along with them. Platforms and social networking sites are optimizing their services and marketers must adapt in order to make the most out of it and not get left behind. From facebook design changes to google updates, we’ve compiled the top 5 most insightful marketing news from around the web to help you stay up to date.

1. Engadget: Facebook’s “Classic Look” Will Be No More

pins with Facebook designs spread out

Even though Facebook introduced its new look around a year ago, users had the option to switch back to the “classic” appearance. However, the company recently informed users that this look will be phased out and that the new look of the feed will be the default option. Read the full article by Engadget to learn more!

2. 9to5Google: Google’s New “Fast Page” Label

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Google’s “Core Web Vitals” initiative serves as a useful metric when it comes to building speedy sites. Now, Chrome will use these metrics to begin labeling websites as “fast” and “high-quality.” Web Vitals uses information gathered from a user’s experience and includes aspects like responsiveness, content stability when loading, and the overall loading time of the page.

While having a fast-loading, responsive site was already a priority for those concerned about their rankings on Google, this new initiative will place even more importance on proper maintenance and adaptability for websites and their developers. Read the full article by 9to5Google to learn more.

3. Morning Brew: A Marketing Lesson We Can Learn From NYT’s Newest Ad

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This article by Morning Brew explains how The New York Times is using their social media advertising to create a better understanding of complex topics and generate interest in their subscription-based service. While their articles are normally behind a paywall, their latest social advertising strategy includes taking headlines from articles and pairing them with captivating images.

What makes this type of advertising so effective? It uses a psychology-based approach, where a person is more interested in something when they have some type of understanding of it beforehand. Maybe we’ll see more of these advertising trends in the months to come!

4. Search Engine Roundtable: Google Ads Testing New Feature for Product Images

The google logo in front of a dark background

Recently a Twitter user shared a video that showed product images on Google switching to different images while the mouse hovers over it. This appeared to be a test, as the author of Search Engine Roundtable’s article, Barry Schwartz, mentioned that he could not replicate it. This additional feature may help to improve the user experience of online shoppers, as they will need to do less clicking to see more of the product, and in turn, get the information they need in fewer steps.

Read the full article to see video-casts and GIFs of how the feature looks when it’s in action.

5. Forbes: Accelerated Digital Marketing Trends During COVID-19

A free delivery ad on a phone

This article by Forbes looks into a few digital marketing trends that will have lasting impacts in a post-Coronavirus world. This includes a higher amount of searches for at-home activities and delivery services, along with a change in the demographics of those who typically shop online.

Stay-at-home orders and a general decreased desire to shop at brick-and-mortar stores means that marketers and industries must adapt to these changes. Read the full article to get more insight into what digital marketing trends are here to stay for a while.

Now, that you’ve been caught up on the latest marketing news and advertising trends, check back in the following weeks to get more fresh insights and recaps on what’s going on in the marketing world.

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