Bi-Weekly Roundup: Latest Social Media News & Digital Media Trends

Published on May 14, 2021

Bi-Weekly Roundup: Latest Social Media News & Digital Media Trends

It’s been a busy time in the world of social media, with many of the big social media platforms unveiling new changes that allow advertisers to expand their reach. These latest social media news snippets and updates are undoubtedly welcome for businesses who will be able to access some of the latest tips, features, and audio-visual content on their favorite platforms to help them gain a greater understanding of their target audience.

So, we’ve rounded up some of the latest social media news and digital media trends from around the web. Keep on reading to discover some of the new updates from Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

1. Social Media Today: YouTube Content Creators Will Be Able to Expand Their Reach

youtube on a screen

YouTube is expanding its Clips option

YouTube has announced that it is expanding its Clips option to more platforms, which would allow businesses to share segments of their videos more easily across their channels.

The social giant will be introducing its new feature to 10x more channels.

This means that more users will be able to share targeted clips from their videos and then play them repeatedly on the original viewing page.

Users will then be able to share the highlight segments across other social media sites.

Learn more about the updates on Social Media Today

2. Twitter: New Tip Jar Feature Allows Creators to Collect Direct Payments 

Twitter on a mobile phone

Twitter will add a new Tip Jar feature to allow content creators to collect donations

Content creators on Twitter will soon be able to make money directly from their tweets, it has been revealed.

The social media giant is testing a new feature that will allow marketers to collect payments directly from their audience to support their marketing efforts.

The new ‘Tip Jar’ option will be available via a cash icon at the top of eligible profiles.

On the other side of the coin, users will also be able to make payments to other content creators by connecting through to the payment provider of their choice.

Read more about this new feature on Twitter’s blog.

3. The Drum: Tik Tok Rolls Out Lead Generation Feature

Mobile phone showing tik tok on a screen

Tik Tok is set to introduce a new lead generation feature

Advertisers on TikTok will soon be able to get access to capture user data directly from their in-stream ads, thanks to the rollout of lead generation ads by the social media giant. 

The new feature means that Lead Generation ads on TikTok will include a CTA which prompts users to fill out a form with their details on it. 

This data can be directly integrated into the advertiser’s CRM and provide marketers with another way to build out their own audience database. 

Read more about the changes on The Drum.

4. Social Media Today: Instagram Adds Captions Sticker to Videos

Instagram showing on mobile phone

Instagram has added a new Caption sticker feature to its videos

Instagram has recently unveiled its new Captions sticker feature in Instagram Stories, which allows content creators to increase the accessibility of their Stories content.

When Instagram users add the new Captions sticker to their captured video, it will auto-generate text captions based on the audio input.

This feature will allow users to watch without having the sound on and make it easier for viewers who are hard of hearing or deaf to engage with video content.

At the moment, the feature is only available in English and in English-speaking countries, but Instagram plans to roll it out to other countries and languages soon.

Learn more about the changes on Social Media Today.

5. Snapchat: The Platform Tests Creator Marketplace Feature

SnapChat on mobile phone

SnapChat is set to test out its new Creator Marketplace Feature

SnapChat has revealed that it is testing a new Creator Marketplace, which will make it easier for brands to facilitate partnerships with influencers on its platform.

The Snap Creator Marketplace will make it easier for businesses to search for influencers by region, language, topic interests, and also by creator category.

Businesses will be able to reach all of the creators and Snap Stars and partner with them on advertising campaigns.

Find out more about the Creator Marketplace from SnapChat’s blog.

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