Miami Digital Marketing Manager: A Day in the Life of… Mary Selep!

Cosmin Milea
Published on Jun 21, 2018

Miami Digital Marketing Manager: A Day in the Life of… Mary Selep!

Hello all! Nice to meet you, my name’s Mary. As the Account Manager for Pacific54’s marketing clients, I essentially act as the communication hub. I am the glue between the clients and the team, which means I respond to 75% of client emails (the rest get ignored…only kidding! The team also handles client communication), am on every phone call and meeting, and handle reporting, task management, time management, and hiring.
It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what an account manager does. When I start my day, I always have a plan of attack that usually gets utterly derailed by emails, meetings, client requests and the occasional emergency. It’s not easy to define a typical day in the life of Mary Selep, but let’s try!

A day in the life of a digital marketing manager

8:00AM – I arrive at the Pacific54 office. Our hours are 9AM-6PM, but someone has to arrive early to unlock the doors, turn on the music, and start making coffee! The first thing I do each morning is check our unified inbox to make sure I know what’s going on in the lives of my clients.
9:00AM – The rest of the Pacific54 team arrives. Usually they come say hi, or I head to the kitchen for my second of many cups of coffee.
10:00AM – It’s time for Pacific54’s morning meeting! As the account manager, every day I will choose two clients to discuss in depth with the Pacific54 team, and by the end of the month every client has been discussed at least twice. I review when we’re meeting next, what we’ve promised the client, what the client expects, and how we can accomplish our marketing goals together.
11:00AM – From here on out, each day is unique. Sometimes we have 3 meetings scheduled, sometimes our designer is overbooked and needs a hand, sometimes I owe clients monthly reports or am overwhelmed by emails, and once in a blue moon I will have a chill day where I can catch up on my sanity.
2-3:00PM – My one rule of the day, no matter how busy I get, is that I get to eat lunch. It’s easy to get caught up in the urgency of client emails, but I’ve learned that I need to treat myself right in order to provide the best possible service to our clients. Mary Selep is a creature of habit – I frequent the local spots everyone loves more than I care to admit. My friends over at Wynwood Kitchen and Bar and Miam Cafe know me by name (tell them I say hi!), but I also frequent the Diner, Joey’s, GKB, and of course Sushi Tuesday at Suviche!
6:00PM – The team begins to wind down and close up, but on most days, I stay late to finish up time-sensitive projects or send out some last minute emails. At the end of the day, the account manager takes responsibility for what the agency has promised clients. This can be good and bad – sometimes I receive compliments from clients about the excellent campaigns my colleagues have created, but I also will handle the feedback on proposals we might have missed the mark on. In those scenarios, I act as problem solver, damage mitigator, and helping hand to any team member who might need it. Sometimes my role requires a little bit of overtime.

Marketing agency employment adventure

You may read this blog and think “Wow, you do a lot, Mary! You must be so experienced to have all of this responsibility as Pacific54’s account manager.”
It’s easy to draw that conclusion, but I’ve learned my trade almost entirely on the job. Mary Selep (yours truly) is a graduate of the University of Miami’s prestigious… pre-medical program with a major in Biology and Psychology. Partway through my junior year I decided that medicine wasn’t for me and started to pursue my creative passion via a few graphic design classes.
During the summer of 2016, I didn’t know what I wanted to do. I managed social media for a tarot artist and my boyfriend-at-the-time’s financial technology company, neither of which I was compensated for. To pay my rent, I dogsat while I networked and applied to jobs in the field I was most interested in – marketing.
Few of the applications I submitted were successful, but the networking definitely worked out in my favor. I met a friend, of a friend, of a friend, of one of Pacific54’s founders who offered me an interview the day we were introduced. That interview led to my first internship as a graphic design intern for Pacific54!

(Made this on my first day as a graphic design intern at Pacific54!)

Apparently I did a good job, because two weeks into my internship I was hired full time as social media manager for Pacific54. I learned best practices for paid social media advertising as well as strategies to boost organic social media engagement. I loved it because I was able to use my graphic design skills while still being challenged to learn new ones that enabled me to gain confidence in the marketing field. One of my old campaigns even made it into a case study – check it out!
About a year later, I was asked to take more responsibility at Pacific54. I would take over some administrative duties like reporting, task management, and team management as an Account Manager. A few months after that, I was trusted with the client communication that takes up most of my time on-the-job today. A few months from now? We’ll see what the future holds.

Challenges and opportunity

Never have I ever had a more rewarding career path than my journey to becoming an Account Manager for Pacific54. Every risk I’ve taken has been rewarded – either by succeeding or by learning from experience. Every time I’ve taken these risks, my coworkers and upper management have backed me up and taught me more about what is needed to be successful for myself and for our clients. I learn something new every day at Pacific54, but that’s all part of the fun!
Are you interested in working with me and the rest of the team? Let’s chat, Pacific54 can definitely help your business grow using digital marketing.

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