Celebrating Our 19 Favorite Google Tools for Google’s 19th Birthday!

Cosmin Milea
Published on Sep 27, 2017

Celebrating Our 19 Favorite Google Tools for Google’s 19th Birthday!

Happy 19th birthday, Google! Wait – it is today right?

Many people aren’t sure of Google’s actual birthday, including Google itself. In 2005, the site celebrated on September 7th but has since declared it’s special day to be on the 27th of September. As Premier Google Partners, we utilize Google tools every day at Pacific54 – whether it is Googling an image, or hosting a Google Partner Event at the office. In celebration of the site’s 19th year, we are going to share our top 19 favorite Google tools. And fear not Google, Pacific54 will never forget your birthday!

1. Google Analytics

One of our favorite Google tools is Google Analytics! With the ability to track and monitor SEO, Adwords, Social Media, link tracking, user engagement and more – we constantly rely on this digital marketing tool to measure the success of our campaigns.

2. Reverse Image Search

Ever struggle with the perfect words to describe what you’re Googling for? Enter Google’s Reverse Image Search. We love this tool because of its ability to upload and search for an image or website, using an image instead of words. Simply click on the camera icon to start searching using images! Google tools pro tip – say you have a stock photo with a watermark you want to get rid of. Try a reverse image search to find a version without the watermark!

3. Image Search Flexibility

The options available in Google’s Image Search are also a favorite tool of ours. By using Advanced Image Search, or filtering your search under “Tools”, Google gives you the ability to find exactly the image you are looking for. Not only can you search for images by color (and searching for transparent backgrounds is also an option, for our designer friends out there), but you can also filter searches by size, date posted, and usage rights.

4. Google Trends

Useful in terms of analyzing real-time data and locally trending searches is Google Trends. Using this Google tool, you can see which search terms are currently being used. Google Trends also illustrates search term volume in a global context, across multiple languages – ultimately showing you who is searching for what, and where.

5. Google Scholar

For those looking for academic or scholarly content online, there is Google Scholar. With this tool, users can search the web for “scholarly” and peer-reviewed literature, including articles, papers, books, abstracts and more. Google Scholar also has citation tools to help you cite these sources, and if you’re an author, tools to track how often your own literature is being cited online.

6. Google Alerts

Up next is an important and very useful monitoring tool: Google Alerts. Using this tool, you can get specific alerts emailed to you when new content appears online. You just have to choose a topic or search term, like “Amazon” or “Beyoncé”, and set up how often you would like to be alerted of new online content relating to the topic. Google tools pro tip – definitely set up a Google Alert for your own company (and your clients!) so you can be notified whenever your name is mentioned online.

7. Google Adwords

At Pacific54 we specialize in PPC advertising, so we know and love Google Adwords. Specifically, we utilize Adwords to reach specific audiences for our ads, which increases traffic, lead generation, and ultimately ROI for our clients. Interested in learning more about how we utilize Google tools to optimize our PPC campaigns? Let us explain.

8. Google Partners

Use the Google Partners Search tool if you’re looking to get help with online advertising or building a website! As a Premier Google Partner, Pacific54 knows the ins and outs of Google online marketing. Less than 5% of Google Partners for small and medium businesses are qualified enough to be defined as Premier Partners, and the range of Google Certifications is what helps Pacific54 stand out from the rest. Contact us today if you are interested in our marketing services.

9. Google My Business

The Google My Business tool is one that we use all of the time – to find a nearby coffee shop or new lunch spot! Most importantly, though, we use this tool to list Pacific54’s business hours, location, and contact information, so that clients, customers, and anyone else searching on Google can find us.

10. Think with Google

For data, studies, research, and other marketing tips turn to Think with Google. This tool uncovers how aspects of Google work, as well as providing important consumer insights, reports, articles, Google tutorials, and more – all geared toward improving the user’s online marketing and advertising.

11. Google+

Next up on our list of favorite Google tools is Google+, a social media tool we use regularly for ourselves as well as many of our clients! While Google+ is first and foremost a social tool, it is also a great space to post content, share media, add new contacts, network with businesses or learn something new. Follow Pacific54 on Google+ today!

12. Google Doodles

Ever notice how the Google logo changes day to day? That’s because of Google Doodles. This Google branch-off is dedicated to awareness of holidays, events, and anniversaries and has a team of “doodlers” who devote their time to the logo animations. This cool tool also holds yearly logo contests for students, with the prize of college scholarships for the most creative and innovative doodles! Google tools pro tip – check out Google’s Birthday Doodle!

13. Google Adsense

Google Adsense is yet another ingenious tool offered by Google. With Adsense, website owners can begin to profit from their website by allowing Google to place ads on their site. The perk of this tool is that the site owner has full control over where the ads are placed and even which ads can be shown on their site.

14. Google Link Shortener

Next on our list of awesome Google tools is the Google Link Shortener tool. We use this tool to simplify links in our social media posts, making them look short and sweet! Long URLs can be unappealing to the eye (and more importantly, the click), and a lower character count is important – especially when drafting tweets.

15. Google Docs

Collaboration is key at Pacific54. With the Google Docs (and Google Sheets, Slides, etc.) tools, we are constantly able to work with our teammates on projects, making communication and seamless team integration possible.

16. Google Drive

Long gone are the days of printing everything and storing physical files in an office. With Google Drive, individuals and businesses alike are able to digitally store, organize and share documents of any kind!

17. Google Quick Draw

If you like games and want to help improve Artifical Intelligence – then the Google Quick Draw tool is the one for you! Quick Draw is an online AI experiment run by Google, with the largest “doodling” data set online. The goal is to help with Machine Learning and test if AI can learn to recognize people’s drawings. It’s also fun to take a peek through their data sets to see how your doodling compares to thousands of other doodles!

18. Google Express

Looking to order something online and receive your package ASAP? Then Google Express is the tool you need to be using. With 24-hour shipping and free delivery (as long as you reach the store’s minimum spend), Google Express lets you order from many top shops for clothes, electronics, groceries and more.

19. Google Fonts

Google Fonts is a little-known tool but is so useful it still makes our top 19! With a large catalog of open sourced fonts available, Google Fonts offers users the option to download a huge variety of fonts while also gives easy instructions for embedding the font in HTML and CSS.

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