Weekly Roundup 8/10: Digital Marketing & SEM News from Around the Web

Published on Aug 10, 2020

Weekly Roundup 8/10: Digital Marketing & SEM News from Around the Web

Last week we dived into AI, Google Ads updates, and advertising on virtual games. So, what has been going on in the marketing world this week? We’ll touch on even more news regarding Google advertising, and get into social media advertising and why e-commerce companies, in particular, should give their social media pages a lot more attention. Read more to get your weekly recap on SEM news and more!

Tech Crunch: Facebook’s New Chat Plugin for Business Websites

A phone screen showing a Facebook page and a laptop

This new feature from Facebook allows users to interact with the business via the Facebook messenger – except this plugin allows the interaction to be directly on the company website, and the user does not need to log into their Facebook account to chat.

This update resolves the possible obstacles that may come when a user wants to chat but doesn’t remember their login information, or simply wants to chat as a guest without the business knowing their Facebook profile information. Read the full article by Tech Crunch to learn more about this update.

The Drum: Instagram Launches “Reels”

A person browsing Instagram on their phone

The short video format of Tiktok and the creativity that came with it proved to be very popular across a global community of social media users, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, Instagram is getting in on the action with the launch of “Reels”, which are 15-second videos accompanied by audio or music. This offers a new space for social media users, influencers, brands, and marketers to explore new possibilities.

Read the full article by The Drum to learn about what “Reels” by Instagram is, how it works, and what the future looks like for brands and influencers utilizing the service.

SocialMediaToday: Google’s New Audio Advertising Options

A megaphone with Google written on it

In other SEM news, did you know that Google announced a fresh range of audio advertising options that can be useful for helping businesses get in on their users’ love of podcasts and other digital media? This article by SocialMediaToday describes how Google is adding features like Dynamic Ad Insertion, along with programmatic monetization for Google Ad Manager.

These updates will certainly open up a range of possibilities when it comes to making dynamic ads and reaching your target audience in the right way.

SmartBrief: Why Social Media is the Future for e-Commerce

A person looking at an Instagram feed on their phone

Facebook recently launched “Facebook Shops”, which blends the worlds of e-commerce and social media to create a more convenient platform for shoppers to stay social while shopping. Many of us find out about brands through their social media pages, and we browse the comments of their posts to see if their products are any good.

This has been especially beneficial for smaller brands who may not have the funds to create large ad campaigns. Read the full article by SmartBrief to learn more about how brands have been leveraging the power of social media to reach more customers, and see why a platform like Facebook Shops may have a chance at taking market share away from Amazon.

Search Engine Journal: Capturing Leads from Youtube With Google Ads

A laptop screen with the YouTube main page

Did you know that Google is introducing lead form extensions to ads on YouTube? These extensions will also allow users to automatically fill in the forms with their information if they’re already signed into their Google account. Read the full article by Search Engine Journal to learn how Jeep saw impressive results when they tested these forms out!

Well, that wraps up the highlights for digital marketing and SEM news this week! Are you interested in trying out these new updates? Let us know! If you want to step up your marketing game, but don’t know where to start, or you simply want to give it a boost – contact us, and let’s get started!

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