Weekly Roundup 8/03: Top 5 Insightful Marketing Industry News

Published on Aug 3, 2020

Weekly Roundup 8/03: Top 5 Insightful Marketing Industry News

The digital marketing industry changes rapidly, and strategies and trends evolve alongside consumers’ needs and wants. While you may get little snippets and peaks of marketing trends on your social feeds or through the media you engage with, it can be difficult to keep up with the constant influx of innovation and updates.

Well, that’s where we come in. We’ve rounded up the top insightful marketing articles from around the web that showcase interesting updates and trends.

Search Engine Journal: Reshaping Digital Marketing Through AR & VR

A man using virtual reality glasses

Augmented reality and machine learning are making their way to the forefront of the marketing industry. This article by Search Engine Journal gives a look into how marketers can use this innovative technology to transform their storytelling and make their content more interactive.

This technology can be applied in many ways, ranging from performances, education, as well as influencer marketing. VR can be especially beneficial in the post-COVID-19 environment that we live in today.

DIGIDAY: Combining IT & Marketing to Make Personalized Customer Experiences

A keyboard with the reflection of the computer screen on it

Brands like Uber, Lyft, and King Arthur Flour are harnessing the power of data to offer more personalized messaging and experiences to their customers. Businesses across industries are now in a position where they need to be flexible and rethink their approach to customer experiences – with many increasing their focus on digital transformation.

Read the full article on DIGIDAY to learn how companies use insights and data to better understand their customers’ preferences.

Marketing Drive: 9 Campaigns That Show How Marketing Transformed in H1

A hand pointing to an image on a laptop screen

A lot has happened this year (and we’re only halfway through 2020!). Brands are now recognizing that consumers expect them to do the right thing. Before, many large organizations focused on staying as neutral as possible with their marketing efforts to avoid any controversy. Now, things have changed, and consumers want to see that their brands care about the issues that they care about.

See how companies are addressing current social issues through their marketing in this article by Marketing Drive.

SMARTERCX: Digital Marketing in Virtual Gaming

A person wearing headphones and playing a game on the computer

The gaming industry is constantly expanding, and advertising on these platforms can be a unique opportunity. Companies can get quite creative when marketing their brands on mobile games, RPGs, and VR games.

Whether it be through advergames or sponsoring teams and leagues within the game, there are a variety of ways that a company can create a relationship with the user in a seamless way. Read the full article by SMARTERCX to learn more.

Search Engine Land: A New Way to Target Google Ads Audiences

Google analytics on search results

This article by Search Engine Land explains how you can optimize your ads with predictive marketing through the use of predictive metrics in Google Analytics. These metrics include purchase probability and churn probability.

You’ll also have 2 predictive audience options – purchase probability audiences and churn probability audiences. These updates offer greater flexibility as you’re creating your Google Ads campaigns.

Now, that wraps up our round-up of articles for the week. We encourage you to read the full articles, as they’re incredibly insightful, and give you a closer look into how the marketing industry is changing.

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