“Bloop It” Founder Michael Gitter on Miami Tech: “People Here Are Open, Want It To Succeed”

The Miami tech scene is booming. And Bloop It (bloopit.co) may just be the next Instagram.

The locally created video sharing app is the brainchild of New York transplant Michael Gitter, who moved to Miami just for the sake of headquartering his company here.

That’s because from Wynwood to Brickell, entrepreneurs, programmers, creatives, capitalists and marketers who understand the value of Social Media Marketing like Pacific54are pushing their crazy new ideas into the marketplace and watching Netizens around the world eat them up.

Here’s what Michael Gitter has to say about Blooping, millions of downloads, and going viral.

michael gitter

Pacific54: How did Bloop It come about?

Michael Gitter: It’s an idea that came out of the site we own called DoYouRemember.com. We were sharing old commercials, songs, and different video stuff from the past, and it just came out of our internal need to isolate pieces of videos and show them to each other.

How long have you been doing it?

We came up with it a few months ago. And it has just exploded. We think it’s going to become a major multinational video platform.

What is DoYouRemember?

It is the web’s premier destination for nostalgia. We’ve been doing that for over a year in Miami.

Where are your headquarters?

We’re at Venture Hive. We work out of the Venture Hive building and our team has been here from the very beginning.

How do you like it here?

We love being in the Miami tech space and we love being at the Venture Hive. We actually moved here from New York. The opportunity presented itself and we took it. We love Miami!

What is the competition like between companies? Do you find it collaborative, or cut throat?

We do our own thing. We have our own team and our own programmers. I don’t see competitiveness. It’s not pertinent to my business. I think that people are pretty open here. They want it to succeed.

michael gitter

What do you think about local talent pool for technology work?

We were programming in Rails when we started and we had a hard time finding programmers. We now work in PHP and WordPress and it’s much better. But I don’t think the local talent pool for programmers is nearly what it is in other cities. But we’re okay with our business

Are you doing any positioning for the Latin American market?

Yeah, actually that’s something we’re very excited about. Doyouremember is going to be introducing a Spanish version for South America. And Bloop It is reaching out as well. Right now, you can use a keyboard for any language with Bloop It. And Bloop It is going to be multinational in all languages.

Are you familiar with Youtube’s built-in time functionality control that allows you to specify a start time for any video when you share it?

No, I’m not familiar with that.

How is Bloop It different from that?

You should download it. It’s way different than the Youtube platform. We incorporated social media, and you have tremendous control over what you’re watching and sharing so it’s pretty great.

How’s it feel to be spotlighted by a big site like TechCrunch?

We’re grateful for the exposure from Techcrunch, and now we have other people writing about us like you are, so, we’re getting some real traction here.

Where would you like to see Bloop It six months from now?

Uhm… millions of downloads, and millions of followers.

How many downloads have you gotten so far?

Right now we have tens of thousands.

What’s the next move?

We’ve got plans for making it viral. It’s gonna take a little while, but we’ve got some Bloops going viral already. I think it’s only a matter of time before we’re one of the biggest video platforms in the world.

What sets you apart?

There’s plenty of video sharing apps where you shoot your videos yourself. Bloop it is about creating interesting snippets from existing content, and we’re happy pulling from other sources and not looking to host any uploads on our servers.

So essentially Bloop It lets you isolate a selection of existing video and share it with your friends?

Yep. 20 seconds or less.