Bounce Proof Your Website!

website bounce proof
Have you ever heard of bouncing website visitors? No, they are not made of rubber. The term “bouncing” refers to visitors moving away from, or bouncing off of, your website. This is a problem that can be corrected, if you know what causes people to leave. Any website owner interested in the long term success of their virtual space should heed the information found here so they can bounce proof their websites!

Understanding the Bounce

Why do visitors sometimes spring board away from a website? The main cause has to do with what they find, or rather, what they do not find on your site. Put yourself in the position of your visitors. For example, when you want a specific item, you know exactly what to look for. As you brose the internet, looking for a seller that offers that item you may encounter many different sites. If you do not find what you want quickly, you will likely move on to the next potential seller. This same principal can be applied to the real world.

Of course, just because you linger on a website doesn’t mean you are going to buy anything. That is the case with many visitors. They may see a few things that catch their eye, but wind up leaving before making a purchase. This is better than simply leaving right away because it gives you more face time with the visitor and increases the chances that they may return and make a purchase later.

How Can I Bounce Proof My Website?

There are a few things you can do to take some of the spring out of your website visitors. It will take some research and understanding of what your customers want and why they visit your site, but the effort will be well worth the reward: more visitors sticking around to make a purchase. The first step is to target the most relevant keywords pertaining to your website.

Next, check out what was being searched for that the visitor did not find. Using this information, see if there are any products or services you can add to your offerings. You may be missing out on an entire category of merchandise that could increase sales and compliment your existing catalog. Let the client’s actions tell you all you need to know so you can begin improving your website’s ability to convert visitors into customers!