Conducting Mobile Keyword Research

mobile keyword research


Internet mobile users have increased significantly over past few years that enabled businesses to re-review their marketing and mobile SEO strategies by utilizing mobile keyword research to bring this into effect.

The percentage of smart phone users has also increased drastically during 2009 and 2010 that resulted in the beginning of new marketing dimension, owing a great deal to mobile internet users.

If you are running a business where you have a significant majority of customers that may connect with your business through mobile phones, then it will worth searching for quality mobile ads targeting the right audience.

Powerhouse marketing companies Such as Pacific 54 that specialize in Search Engine Optimization know the importance of correctly implementing mobile seo.

How Mobile Keyword Research Differ From Desktop Searches?

Before moving any further, it is quite significant to understand the difference between mobile and desktop searches. Considering the situation of a mobile phone user, you must understand the motives behind his searches on the internet.

Ideally, most of mobile internet users are not at home and read the screen in small prints. In addition to this, their urgencies and mode of searches also vary.

While setting mobile search keywords, you must consider all factors tailored above. The keyword selection and presentation of ads must be in accordance with mobile user, keeping in view his preference. It must not be something of the shelf or duplicate copy of your keywords being used for desktop users.

Appropriate Mobile Keyword Research

While targeting mobile users, the first and foremost step in online marketing is to define appropriate keywords that truly depict the need of mobile users surfing internet.

Using Google Keyword Tool to the Rescue

Luckily, you have the right choice given by Google to extract keywords, which are fruitful for your business marketing. Although it’s a new addition in their Adwords campaign, which has solved most of our problems we used to face while searching for keywords by mobile searches.

During last year, the Google has revolutionized this platform, which was early allowing one keyword for marketing purpose and has now become a giant source of keywords research. Using these tools to increase mobile SEO will drastically improve traffic.

It is quite easy to use it. Let’s walk through all steps to have a better insight of this system; and how this could be effectively used.

1. First of all, open the Google Keyword Tool.

2. Enter your desired keyword

Here you need to enter the keyword in Word or Phrases box; make sure you enter one keyword per line. Further to make your search more refine, you need to delete all possible brand names that could be included in your keyword list.

This can be easily done by including a minus sign (-) before the keyword, which will wipe out all unnecessary keywords associated with brands.

3. CarefulUse ofAdvanced Options Link

If you want the results to be very much specific according to your requirements, apply suitable Advanced Options that will let you refine results according to mobile WAP devices, All Devices and Mobile devices having full internet browsers.

4. Comparison & Selection

At the end, you have to make fair comparison between Desktop/Laptop keywords and Mobile Search Keywords to get going both sides for mobile seo.

Check for duplication and analyze the importance of that keyword with respect to relevance and popularity.

Here is a list of some of the Most Expensive Keywords.