How To Instantly Increase Ecommerce Sales With The 5 Best Shopify Apps

People have been searching high and low for the secret to success when it comes to finding a way to increase ecommerce sales. Every ecommerce entrepreneur at one point or another has been faced with the dilemma of not being able to know what they’re doing wrong or why their sales aren’t improving. We know […]

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Facebook Retargeting – Traffic Shoe Case Study

When they came to Pacific54, Traffic Shoe wanted to boost sales by leveraging their Social Media Advertising platforms as well as their existing consumer base. Traffic Shoe as a brand is all about the hottest shoes at the best prices. Starting in Miami, Florida in 1989 with just one store, Traffic has now grown to […]

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Life Before Google Drive vs. Life After Google Drive

The timeline of technological advances tends to encounter cycles of rapid expansion. In layman terms, every couple decades someone figures out something TRULY innovative. Here’s a brief outline of notable moments in the history of technology. Google drive has revolutionized the way we communicate. Want to share a 44 minute video of your 2 year […]

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4 Totally Spankin’ Growth Hacks for Twitter

Who wants to spend their whole day trolling Twitter? No one. I’m over it, you’re over it; let’s just get on with our lives. So, you want to build relevant followers, have meaningful conversations, and not spend your entire day doing so? THIS IS HOW WE DO IT: Listen to Your Target Audience’s Posts It’s […]

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What the Potato Salad Guy Taught Us About Marketing

Most of you probably already know about last weeks greatest Kickstarter campaign, where Zack Brown of Columbus Ohio dryly requested funding ($10) stating “I’m making potato salad” and inadvertently raised over $40,000 to do so. Finding himself a celebrity on Reddit, as well as pulling off a guest spot on Good Morning America, I can […]

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