Directory Submissions: The Ins and Left-Outs

To enhance a website’s visibility, directory submissions are being employed more and more.
They are a great way to increase your inbound links and ensure that these links are of a high quality.

The question is how does one make the most of one’s efforts?

Follow these guidelines:

Having the right keyword is important in link building as well.  Will this keyword bring me the best return on my investment?  Do the research.  And DON’T repeat them.  Additionally, make sure you follow the specific guidelines each directory may have as to HOW to input them. Some directories want the keywords separated by commas, others want spaces.

Some directories will allow you to use your keyword in the title itself; some will not.  If possible, try to use your official website name.  If the directory will allow you to use keywords make sure they are meaningful and relevant.  Keep your title short ( between 20 to 50 characters ) and NOT COMPLETELY CAPITALIZED!  Also avoid repetition, adjectives that are over the top and exclamation marks.

A description should clearly describe what your site offers as long as it does not come across as promotional.

Make sure you select the correct category. Take your time and look them all over.  I know that there can be a lot of categories but it is very important to ensure a successful submission.  Can’t find YOUR category?  Suggest it.  Your site could be added under this new category.

Domain Name
Although no particularly an issue, make sure you submit it in the correct format; some accept http:// some do not.  Do not submit redirects or parked domains either.  Your home page should be enough, not an URL to a specific page. Also avoid free hosting companies or URLS that are not registered.

Some sites are very particular about email addresses that are not specifically linked to the domain name itself;, as an example.  What does this directory require?  Most require that your email be clearly associated with the domain name that you are submitting.  Don’t have your submission denied just because of this.

Site under construction?  Don’t submit!  Always ensure that your website is fully up and running before you press that submit button.  Do not submit sites that have no content.  Sure, your site may only consist of a single home page but most directories will still accept it.  As a general rule, however, try to have a few pages more than just a homepage.

Your submitted website should also have a substantial amount of content.  Don’t make it a collection of affiliate ads or links.

And make sure that your content is not “mirrored”, ( different domains but the same content ). This is a no-no.

Be patient.  Although you may follow all these guidelines it may still take the directory a considerable amount of time to approve or deny your submission. Remember, these are directories; edited by human beings not a robotic user-agent.