Discover 12 Tips to Search Google Like A Professional

Whenever you want to search something, you will login to your computer and instantly open Google and will try to make search. Google is the search engine giant that is famous worldwide. Almost everyone uses Google; the person is either computer geek or a nonprofessional.

We may try different search engines, eventually we will endup by returning Google – I have tried this several times and can bet on the versatile nature of Google search. You do not have to worry any more, I have mentioned twelve tips that you can use to enhance your searches on Google, which will definitely give better (even best) results.

1. Use Expressive Term

If you are in the hunt for marketing information, you may type in “marketing” in the Google search bar. However, it would be better if you search for it explicitly that will help you with even better results. For that, you have just to enclose terms in doubles quotes that is “marketing”.

2. Remove Unwanted Words

Taking the above example of marketing, let’s say you want to make sure that any other results relating to that are excluded like “the advertising”. To perform this, you just have to add “-“before the word that should be excluded from the search. For example, you want to exclude advertising from your searches, for that you will make search like this: “marketing –advertising”.

3. Search for a specific site

Sometimes, you know that you want to search something from a specific website and you may not find the built-in search feature tool on that website. You can use Google to search specifically on a particular website regarding a precise word or phrase you want to search. For that you have to use “marketing”

4. Use of Synonyms and similar phrases

Sometimes, you want to include such words in your search, which conclude results of similar words or synonymous. For that, you just have to add “~“before your desired word. Carrying the same example, it will be “Marketing” ~professional.

5. Search For A Document

If you are looking forward to search a specific document in your Google search results, you can use the “filetype” code. For example, if you are looking for a PowerPoint documenton marketing, the search will show up like this: “marketing” filetype:ppt.

6. This Or That

When you are searching on Google, Google search engine will include all the searches relating terms or phrases used in the search. OR is used to search on one or more terms to match, however, make sure “OR” has to be in capital form.

7. Phone Search

Sometimes, you get calls from unknown numbers and you do not recognize their source. However,using Google phonebook feature, it can be traced easily.

8. Searching Area code

You can look up for the area code using Google search utility, just enter three-digit code and Google will trace it out for you.

9. Range of numbers

Though it is least common, but a tremendous tip. For instance, you have something to search for between years and a range of prices. The best way is to use it by entering the first in the series, followed by two dots while ending with the last number; e.g. petrol prices 2000..2011. This can be best used to get instant statics about a number of sequential years.

10. Ticker Symbol

By entering a valid ticker sign in the search box, you will get the current financial statistics and a quick thumbnail chart for the recent stock.

11. Calculator Facility

Now you do not have to find calculator when using Google Search. Just enter your expression in Google search bar and it will do it for you – in seconds!

12. Precise Definitions

Google can work for you as a dictionary tool as well for knowing the meanings of words. Use “define:” command for this purpose.