Do not fix until it’s not broken – A fortune changer decision

When you feel it is monotonous, you need to change it. Yes, we are talking the webpage you own. If you realize that you have been glaring at the same old colors, layout, blogs posts and graphics for a long time now, it is a hint for you to know that your webpage needs a change. A change in webpage is capable of bringing about a change in fortune. It can turn around the sales trends of a business or append the sales and revenue.

A point to ponder is how exactly you know that your website needs something different. You may feel that a website is looking boring simply because of the fact that you surf it every day in a week and many hours in a day. Therefore, you really need to know if the website needs a change or is your perception that it is dull and notably unvarying just because of the long duration spent on it. However, if ever you are browsing through your website and it dawns upon you that it needs something different or improve by having more find ability, it is time to consider the elements of your website that are working fine.

The decision to bring about a change in your website should, be rational. There is no room for personal emotions. You cannot go on getting some features of your website changed just because maybe you are fed of the dull brown background. No. You cannot. It is a major blunder. It has said that the audience starts remembering your product (and brand) and connecting to it only when start getting bored of it. If attracted customers are clicking what you have made, you do not need to alter it.

You have plenty of tools available such as tuning engine or the Google’s website optimizer, if you want to determine what changes are necessary for your webpage. Make use of these integral tools to check out how your website ranks. If the ratings are high for all the features then your website is perfect the way it is and no modifications are needed. However, if signs such as lessening of social media traffic, increasing number of bounce-backs, a drop in time spend on your website by the user is reported, you have got no other option than to alter your website.

When you have finally decided that your website requires an alteration, you need to create a new version of your homepage while keeping a print of the last homepage. You can then put up the new one in active rotation and conduct a split test. The page that gives better results can be determined by using analytics. More changes can then be introduced once you know which page is more effective.

Summing it up, not all websites need a change particularly if everything is going about just fine. The purpose of introducing changes is to increase find ability, but if the changes are not capable of doing that then do no mess with the right thing.