Fast Facts on Yahoo Shutting Down Its Site Explorer

Yahoo Site Explorer is one of the famous features that Yahoo Inc. has been offering since 1995. People reading this blog, if they have been using internet for a while and are familiar with advance tools offered on the web, definitely would have heard of Yahoo Site Explorer and its significance. Yahoo Site Explorer has been a great tool with diverse applications; however, recently Yahoo Inc. announced that they are shutting down this feature in late 2011.

This news has surprised everyone; even I am surprised to hear such dramatic decision taken by Yahoo. People of Yahoo Inc. expressed that they are not really bothered for shutting down this tool and giving suggestions to switch on to Microsoft’s webmaster tools. Yahoo has a big name all around within web-based universe and such statements are disturbing the repute of their brand as well as other services of Yahoo.

Yahoo Site Explorer has become a notable package worldwide, and it would be shocking for Yahoo followers to know that site explorer service is shutting down. Yahoo believes that they do not need Site Explorer anymore, which is even a big question mark on their strategic and operational planning. The fact is that after Yahoo declared selling their search engine to Microsoft, made them think that the need of webmaster tool interface and sitemap submissions are no longer required.This is certainly not surprising for Yahoo because now other fellow competitors run most of their key areas, which would result them to come up with really serious decisions.

Technology pioneers are murmuring now that Yahoo is transferring its services to Microsoft one by one and there is not much time left for Yahoo to survive. There is no exact date mentioned when Yahoo Site Explorer will completely be shut down. Meanwhile people from Yahoo are not answering why they are shutting down this amazing tool, instead of that they are just suggesting switching to Bing. This sounds unconvincing, I feel that Yahoo believes that they are losing the race of search engines and this is making them lose some of their good tools as well.

I wonder how are Microsoft manipulating their rivals and buying them out, however for Yahoo it is for sure that there will be no Yahoo Site Explorer after the end of this year. There are millions of people associated with Yahoo, and thousands of people signing up on Yahoo every week; I wonder what impression Yahoo will leave after taking such measures. Certainly, nothing good!