Florida Power & Light Installing 75,000 Web Enabled Streetlights In Miami

LED Smart Streetlight

FPL worker installing new LED streetlight

As the internet continues to develop at breakneck speed, more and more everyday devices are connecting to each other, sometimes on a massive scale. Pacific54 was intrigued, so we dug a little deeper. 

The latest to do so will be the 75,000 web enabled street lights that Florida Power and Light is installing in Miami-Dade County through a cooperative partnership with lighting behemoth Philips and mobile supercorporation Ericsson. The lights will be wirelessly interconnected via networking technology developed by Silver Springs Networks.

FORBES magazine reports that it will be the largest deployment of its kind in North America.

The Miami-Dade Intelligent Streetlight project will serve as a global model for city-size, interconnected, energy efficient scaling projects using the new enterprise platform that is called Zero-Site by Ericsson.

It’s easy to see why companies are practically salivating over the technology. The new streetlights will run on the cutting edge of smart-energy technology

The lights will speak to a remote operator via micro Radio Remote Units which will be mounted on top of the light poles, and communicate courtesy of 8-12 meter antennas.

For an idea of the scale of FPL’s streetlight operation, the company operates 500,000 of them throughout 35 counties.