Future Of Social Media With Google Plus

No doubt, Google is one of the most famous icons in the world of web. It defines status, perfection and reliability in its own way. This is why; when people see anything a part of Google, they close their eyes and blindly rely on it. I have been struggling to understand technical mysteries since 1990s and I can say that Google is the next big thing after Microsoft. Today, Googleis perhaps the only search engine, which is fastest growing and people associate their search queries with the name of Google as if someoneneeds to search about anything, they’d rather say to Google it.

There is a big buzz going on that whether Google Plus will give Facebook a tough time. Facebook is a billion dollar company and it has captured a big market, people are now Facebook addicted and it is too difficult for anything to replace it in months. Still, they are curious enough with the questionof Google Plus’s triumph and will it play the role of social life changer while being able to keep peopleglued.

Google Plus has intelligently combined the interface of Facebook and Twitter, while providing a new idea of how to pass on controlled information a lot of thought was a put into it’s website design, which is its key feature. It is simple and anyone can get along because it resembles to Facebook and with the tweeting touch. Google Plus has taken the “O”s or the circles forward and used them as signs of groups like friends, family, and co-workers etc. However, the posts that others can see on Google Plus are more controlled; for example you are on family vacations and have uploaded some cool videos, which you don’t want to share with anyone other than your family. This is what GooglePlus allows and it willhide the media from people who are not in your family group.

This social networking service has a unique yet good way of defining your communication with specific people. Say you want to keep some informationregarding your personal life within a specific circle, making sure it does not conflict with your professional life. Google+ keeps this balance of information sharing through customized Circles. “Google Circles” is a good idea introduced by Google Plus to make sure you do not get confused in sharing information. Unlike Facebook, whatever you share is either visible to everyone or no one. This certainly depicts a reason and a big need of change in Facebook policies; else Google+ has no other way but to sweep Facebook.

Google+ needs to take the advantage of loopholes found inFacebook and to act solidly with quickofferings. As I mentioned earlier, Facebook is currently running in the blood of massive social networkers, which has made it a big challenge for both of companies. Google+ needs to advertise its strong points through websites, blogs, TV channels and using all resources of print, electronic and online media. Google Plus might face a common problem while showing people a new path and convincing them to switch from one social network where they have all of their friends, family, work related activities and thousands of amazing apps etc. to another network wherethey will not be having most of them.

Google+, in order to achieve its goals should do things fast before the social network giant counter attacks it. There is a chance for Google to score market in social networking business, because Google has the reputation of doing things to perfection, however, it does not mean that Facebook will easily be crumbled. Facebook has made an impression worldwide; it will take a lot for the search giant to make its name in the social media. Facebook knows that Google Plus can be a threat and I hope they will be working on how to maneuver the Google circles.