Google Announces New Mobile Friendly Ranking Algorithm


Via Google Webmasters on Blogspot

Are you sick of high ranking websites that are terrible to browse on mobile devices? So is Google.

That’s why they have just announced their new mobile ranking algorithm, which values the same features as you do on your mobile web experience.

Their official statement partly reads, ” We’re boosting the ranking of mobile-friendly pages on mobile search results.”

That means that the Google search will index sites higher in mobile rankings when they offer features like pages that you don’t need to scroll horizontally, that you don’t need to double tap to zoom in on, and that feature spacing for tap targets that won’t have your fingers looking like a giant trying to pick an ant up off an ant hill.

And for those of us who have kissed Flash goodbye for good, so has that poor codec’s site ranking through Google. So much for those tired old animated restaurant menus.

As most web professionals know, mobile internet accounts for a massive slice of all usage. And there are especially key demographics within various industries and the niches that appeal to them where mobile is the sole form of computing.

This is true among many people. According to the PEW Research Center for Internet, Science, and Tech, as of October 2014 “64% of American adults own a smartphone.” That number has likely already been eclipsed as we enter the second quarter of 2015.

Furthermore, as the new Google mobile ranking update applies to all searches and pages around the world, the statistics about global web usage are especially fascinating. In developing countries around the world, and on the entire continent of Africa, computer internet usage has been leapfrogged by mobile access.

As our on-the-go devices become increasingly fast and powerful, our ability to surf in ways that make sense for the modes by which we access information are more important than ever. Gone are the days when responsive websites are a niche category.

Businesses that value their mobile traffic must maintain their presence on the cutting edge of natively adaptive browsing.

Here at Pacific54 we are always leading the pack for the industry, and as Google Partners we officially commend the company on its quick thinking and incisive strategy for providing the most relevant, useful, informative, and pleasant to browse experiences online.