Google+ Newest Edition: Hangouts on Air

G+ appears to be struggling in the social network fight (maybe even failing?) against other networks like Twitter, new comer Pinterest, and the almighty champion Facebook. We all had such high hopes for G+ because it has (had?) such potential to knock Facebook down a notch or two, but alas, Facebook is too big to be pushed over by Circles and Instant Upload.

Regardless of the popularity contest between popular networks, G+ still has features that may be worthwhile to check out and even utilize for yourself and/or your business.  Last September, G+ offered Hangouts on Air to a limited amount of users but not anymore. Two weeks ago, Google started rolling out the previously limited service to all G+ users.

Let the public and free broadcasting begin!

Broadcast on G+ and YouTube

Not only can you broadcast live via your G+ stream but on YouTube as well, meaning you can share your YouTube URL with anyone who wants to watch. You can also take the embed YouTube video code and paste into your blog or website to further share your broad cast. Also, a recorded version will be uploaded to your YouTube Channel and original G+ post.

Sidebar Chat

Here you can chat with others while you broadcast. During a presentation or conference, questions and comments can be left here.

Screen Share

Have a website or a program you want to show your audience? No problem, you can share different parts of your screen with your viewers by clicking Screen Share and selecting which window you’d like to show.

Edit Finished Broadcasts

Once your broadcast is complete, you can edit the video from your YouTube account. However, remember there is no editing during the initial live broadcast!

The marketing possibilities are endless but here are some way businesses can use Hangout On Air:

Customer Service

Host a Q&A. Answer commonly asked questions and later post the uploaded YouTube copy on your website for those who missed it. Customers can post questions in the sidebar or even Tweet questions using a specialized #hashtag


Set up weekly or monthly vlogs for your company or business. Here you can discuss updates to you company or important news that relate to your industry.

Live Broadcasts at Events or Conferences

If you have multiple people at a conference or special event, have them stream from various locations. Up to 9 users can actively participate during a Hangout on Air broadcast so this is a great way to pull various parts of the location to be streamed together.

Here are just a few ways that Hangouts on Air can be effectively used for personal, business, and marketing uses. How will you use Hangouts on Air?