Google Plus – A New Life in Social Networking

There has been a lot of hype about the social network that will be offered by Google. There is no other opinion that Google is one of the best search engines, in fact the best search engine (latter is more practical). It has launched many applications and has been mesmerizing the world to fullest. On the other hand, Facebook has been the most popular social network and has become a billion dollar company within few years, which is exemplary success of course. Many people think that Google plus is going to target Facebook and a peaceful clash or tough competition will be seen in next few days.

If you do not have access to Google Plus yet, let me introduce its features that are of certainly attention grabbing and can held your breathe for a few moments. Starting with its home page, which is similar to any of the social network having friend lists; these are called Google Circles. You can assign specific information to these Google Circles and can create privacy in your own that other social networks do not offer as of now (A big advantage!)

There is a new and exciting feature that Google Plus offers, which is called Google Hangouts. It allows people, up to ten, to chat or video conference at the same time. Certainly, it is an awesome option and latency rate is extremely low. When using Google hangout it will also alert the people in your Google circles that you are using Google hangout so that they can join in. You also get the option to prevent people to see you that you are using Google hangout so that they do not interrupt.

The next step is to add Sparks, which are just like sharing engine with more customized look and features. It is additionally beneficial for a social network profile to have a Spark that enables online search engine result pages to be shown. To test it, you will get numerous websites, videos, blogs and press releases that are related to your search term. All you have is to set it for the first time, and it will keep on updating regularly after every few hours. The most interesting fact about Sparks is that they have a sharing option, which you can avail to share the content with your network of friends.

Photo sharing is one of the main features of any social network. Google Plus has few different ways in which you can share your pictures with your friends and people who you are in your Google Circles.  You can either see it in album form, or in a slideshow manner, when you roll over the image, it eventually increase the size of the photo. You can also tag your friends in the photos just as you can do in other social networks.

For the security purposes, you can prevent people to comment on your pictures though they can see it. Google Plus is very simple to use, it will not take you much time to get to know everything.