Google’s Locksmith Spam Discovery and NY Times Report

SEO is contributing in substantial amount in growing businesses though it is a long term process. As it is known as great achievement and a tool that can play a vital role in flourishing your corporates, however, there are some ill means of this service as well. People are using SEO black hat methods to spam, and this time they have targeted Google. Although Google has been fighting very efficiently against the SEO black hat tricks being played, still, it has faced slight issues over the periods; people generate fake ranking of the websites and making them appear on the top lists of the search engines. Google has been able to counter it but there is one issue, which is still giving a buzz, Google’s Locksmith Spam issue.

New York Times has lifted Locksmith Spam issue taking place in the areas of Seattle. They took a snapshot of the Google search “emergency locksmith Seattle” displaying numerous results on the page though in real, there were only seven listed in local listings, moreover none of them were from Seattle based locksmiths.

Timeshas explained that people who create fake listings or use the real addresses of their bodies like buildings of governments or State authorities, to get on the local listings guidelines that Google states. In order to improve their rankings on Google, what they use local citation and references of local bodies, which significantly improves their search engine rank including.We all know that nobody is flawless, and we should attribute the same terms to Google. I wonder why everyone is being so harsh on Google, when Yellow pages suffer with the same problem, so what is the matter if Google is being tricked, it is something everyone faces not only Google. Black hat SEOmasters are trying whatever they could to show up on the first pages of Google, however, it has managed well to counter them. However, there is no conflict on agreeing that there are few loopholes,which should be fixed in order to avoid such situations.

This issue will definitely make Google to change their policies and will hopefully ensure more security and practicality in their searches. Google is big name, in fact a term that is commonly used amongst people of today for searching online being termed as “Googling”. I am sure Google is conscious about its reputation and will take excessive measures to combat it. Black Hat SEO is going to have tough time from now on because they have mocked the search giant.

On users end, a perception has to be changed by not having the bible faith in Google because there is nothing perfect, we should keep a check on things rather than trusting upon them blindly. Google is no doubt a reliable search engine and is the best in the business, however, everyone can have bad day, let us just say it was not Google’s day. The Times articles did not come up with something horrifying or devastating, it is a problem that any search can face.