Guest Blogging Isn’t Dead, You’re Just Doing it Wrong


Guest Blogging is Dead - Matt Cutts

Guest Blogging is Dead? Matt Cutts says “yes.”

The SEO world came to a halt in the beginning of 2014 when Matt Cutts boldly proclaimed that guest blogging was dead. Fortunately, he was wrong, but not completely misguided. Lots of SEO’s took advantage of guest blogging, turning a respected and difficult practice into spam. However, there are still plenty of reasons guest blogging works for SEO, and it all comes down to creating organic pitches for the right blog.

Identify the Market Players
It should go without saying that you’re not going to pitch HGTV for your University client and you won’t be telling Mashable how you want to write about the top fashion trends of 2014. Based on your clients niche, make a list of the highest authority blogs and then create meaningful subject topics for each blog based on their readership. Dig around to see which posts are the most popular, and use those as references.

The Pitch
If you don’t already have an established portfolio of published work, pitching is going to be hard but it’s not impossible to get a response. Keep your pitch short, personal, and creative. Don’t be afraid to reach out via social networks if the person you’re trying to contact has made those available. It gives them an opportunity to see you in a more authentic light, and I’ve had a lot of success using both Twitter and Facebook to reach out to potential publishers.

Become a Contributor
If the editor accepts your pitch (hooray!), sell them on a contributing roll. At the end of the day, you’re making their job easier, and you’re getting awesome backlinks for your client. If you’ve delivered great content and established a relationship with the publisher, more often than not you’ll notice that they are receptive to having you as a recurring author.

When all is said and done, if you’ve got a recurring or one time guest blog spot with a link from a well respected brand/blog, it’s not at all harmful for you or your clients website. You’re spreading the brand to a new readership through a trusted source, and the backlink isn’t too shabby, either.