How To Generate Leads from Facebook – 5 Powerful Ways!

A big change has brought into social media strategies with the inclusion of Facebook, which has become an essential part of it. It is not only taken as a source ofinteracting with friends, checking pictures or uploading videos. Many businesses switch to Facebook to market their products by engaging with people socially. There is a strong awareness of social media strategies, which are followed by many businesses in order to maximize their profits. Many businesses have their fan pages listed on Facebook and through which they interact with the people, seeking their suggestions, advertising their products and doing everythingwithin their capacity to aware their fans. Facebook can also work as vital lead generation tool – believeme it is better than hundreds of forums.

If you are B2BCompany or even small/medium sizedbusiness and still not taking benefits from Facebook of its potential of lead generation then you need to rethink upon your strategies.Here are five dependable ways to generate leads from Facebook.

Keep Facebook wall active with posts and links

You can share your contents on your Facebook wall, making a way of creating leads direct to your websites for your fans. Update your wall daily with your interactive posts. You can lead a user directly to landing page of your website or making them to go through your website.

Don’t miss call to action button and text

Facebook no longer allows you add CTA buttons or tabs on your page; however, the help of custom tabs with CTAs within by the help of iFrames still can do it. Direct these CTAs to your opening pages of website for contents offering lead generations.

Expand your network of fans

The more Facebook fans you have, the more your content will be read like in twitter, the more followers you have there will more chances of your content to be read. You need to expand your circle in order to get better results. A recent survey on Facebook has shown that number of people being fans of a particular business on a Facebook fan page results in same number of lead being generated. Businesses having fans from 500 to 1000generate four times more leads than businesses having 1 to 25 fans on their fan pages.

Add Facebook like button and re-share option

As you are sharing your content on Facebook page, you should also make it available for your friends to share by adding like and re-share option. It will boost your content while expanding to other networks and profiles on Facebook and to the people.

Make it difficult NOT to convert

There is one problem in the above techniques, which is the user will have to leave Facebook page and finish a conversion on your website in order to become a lead. Making Facebook user not leave your Facebook page and still become your lead is what should be done, helping you increase your chances of conversions. For instance, HubSpot has launched “HubSpot Welcome Application for Facebook”, helping users to easily convert new Likes into leads by offering a conversion form to the person who has clicked on the Like button.