How To Merge All Your Google Plus Accounts

merge google plus accounts

Google is awesome! but too much of a good thing can sometimes be a problem.

I have 7 Gmail addresses in total, and now I have 7 Google Plus pages to go with them. So what’s a blogger to do? I was forced to merge Google plus accounts, that’s what. And since I know that you do too, here’s how to do it. Google Plus is pivotal for Optimizing your company. Marketing agencies, such as Pacific 54, know this first-hand in relation to Search Engine Optimization.

First, you will need to visit a website called

It will allow you to transfer everything from the account your are logged in with to an account of your choosing. They call that process transferring between a “source account,” and a “destination account.”

Click the link that reads “Transfer your Google+ connections to another account.”

That will initiate the process of moving all of your archived data, including your +1’s, circles, connections, contacts, buzz, docs etc., into a new master account.

merge google plus accounts

The process takes 7 days to start, and 48 hours to complete, and you will lose some functionality in your accounts over that time period.

You will not be able to block people, add or move them from circles, or even share on G+.  The transfer allows you to keep or delete your source account. And you won’t be able to request a transfer with these accounts again for 6 months.

So if you have multiple accounts like I do, you may want to begin to merge google plus accounts until the day comes that there is only one. Like the great Highlander says, “There can be only one!

When the process is complete you will receive an email at your source account.