How Will Google Caffeine Impact Your Website?

How Will Impact Your Website?
refers to an upcoming update which is currently in Beta testing.  This update is intended to overhaul Google’s infrastructure and will have a strong impact on how sites are ranked in search results. Anyone who works with search engine optimization must be aware of how Google Caffeine will change the way they do business.
The Speed of Indexing

Websites want to get indexed, that is a given. However, this process can take time and if you are not careful, pages on your site could be missed.  Google Caffeine is supposed to streamline the process of website indexing. The good news is that this means your websites will be indexed much faster. In order to stay on top of current updates in search ranking, you must continue to add content and add it frequently.  This new content will be indexed quicker and will help maintain your high ranking (or move your site to a higher rank, if that is your goal).
Keywords Will Carry More Weight
Keywords already play an important role in the search result ranking of your website. When Google Caffeine is thrown into the equation, the right keywords will be vital to good search engine ranking. While this may sound like a challenge, it really shouldn’t be for any website that already utilizes relevant keywords in the right places. What this will do is help lower the sites that practice keyword stuffing (cramming as many keywords in the content as possible, even if it doesn’t make sense).
Check Up on your SEO
Website owners should stay on top of the upcoming changes by taking steps before Google Caffeine is released. It never hurts to double check your search engine optimization efforts and evaluate your current keyword selections. Make sure you are targeting the correct keywords to draw the right attention to your website. Also, make sure the content or product you are offering is something your visitors will want to buy. Many visitors doesn’t always translate into actual profit. This doesn’t happen until someone actually spends money on your website.
Google Caffeine will change many things about how websites approach search engine optimization. For the most part, these changes will help promote actual content while pushing keyword stuffed websites to lower ranking positions. This should be an overall positive effect, provided your site is prepared with the right keywords!