Kind Bars Use Reddit to Deliver Nut Bars and Roses On Bicycle #Kindawesome

The greatest use of internet technology may be in finding creative ways to get stuff for free.

So thank you Kind Bars for delivering your delicious product, along with an orange rose, via bicycle, in an origami box, to me this morning for your “Send A Flower To A Friend” promotion.

I caught the ad for this novel idea on Reddit Miami, and had to sign up. Hey, free food. But instead of surprising a friend, I sent it to myself, cause, whatever, I was hungry.

I can safely say that these Kind Bars are damn good. And healthy to boot. I know that almonds are good for the brain, and all the other stuff in these bars looks and sounds like they care about stuff or something. Point is. Good taste + free = #kindawesome.

In that regard, the Miami office of Kind Bars represent the highest level implementation of freeloading opportunism I have ever witnessed on the World Wide Web. And for this I am a thankful.

Shout out bike deliveries, and the Bicycle Film Festival that Kind appear to be co promoting with O Cinema.