Link Building: The Directory Enhancement

There are serious considerations one must consider when hoping to build quality links to their website.  Any link building campaign can be imp
Link Building Miamiroved when you employ a web directory to help you in your process.

There are several benefits to having your website submitted to a directory; whether it is a paid-for or free submission.
Having your site in a directory can enhance your visibility which in turn will increase your page-rank.  This will improve your traffic and increase your link popularity.
You don’t have to pay another company to submit your web site.  You can do it yourself. But remember.  A directory is a catalog of sorts; driven by category listings.  It is up to you to decide which category or subcategory would be best for your site.

Although it can be seen as easy to submit to a directory, finding the RIGHT category will increase your chances of getting the “human editors” to approve your submission.  If you want to increase your link popularity show the editors that you recognize how directories work and are not just haphazardly asking that your site be included.

There are two main players in the directory world:  Google Web Directory and Yahoo! Web Directory.  Let’s learn a bit more about each.

Google Web Directory
Google is the leader.  Google employs a large army of editors that selects and categorizes website submissions.  Google also employs an Importance Ranking.  Using its PageRank methodology, the directory is able to present its listings predicated upon the respective importance of each site. This permits the pages of the highest quality to show up first in the category listing.  This assists a user in determining which sites might be best suited for their needs.
Remember, Google uses “relevance” to help you narrow your search.  Make sure that your site is relevant to the particular category you have selected for URL submission.

Yahoo! Web Directory
The Yahoo! Web Directory consists primarily of fourteen (14) main categories.  In addition, each main category is comprised of sub-categories that are organized to specific information. The Yahoo! directory lists websites in two ways: either in alphabetical order or by popularity.
Employing the Yahoo! Search Technology, the listings sorted by popularity assist in link building by focusing on worthy sites.
When submitting an URL to Yahoo! Web Directory, make sure you choose the most relevant category for your website.

Not sure where to submit?
Look at what’s already listed.  If none of the sites presented appear to be related to what you have to offer take a breath — dig deeper.  Re-check the related categories and perhaps you’ll find another location that you just missed it on the first go around.

Although all of this can seem a bit daunting at first, and it will require a bit of patience, but by persevering through, the payoff in the long run will make all your efforts worthwhile.  Using a directory to increase your link popularity is a proven method of increasing your visibility.