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karen neicy

How to Get Organic Do-Follow Backlinks On Reddit

The all coveted dofollow backlinks that Reddit possess can instantly increase your website rankings as well as give you exposure to a highly targeted audience. Reddit is a strange, twisted place and while it’s sometimes a hit or miss scenario, the following strategies have hit for me every time. Proper backlink implementation that SEO marketing companies, […]

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A White Hatter’s Solution to the Private Blog Network Service

While affiliate marketers and black hat SEO’s may still be able to get away with relying on PBN’s or private blog network service to boost rankings, a lot of bigger agencies are using their heads and not devouring the risk involved with associating a clients brand to a link network, when Google has wiped out […]

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guest blogging

Guest Blogging Isn’t Dead, You’re Just Doing it Wrong

  The SEO world came to a halt in the beginning of 2014 when Matt Cutts boldly proclaimed that guest blogging was dead. Fortunately, he was wrong, but not completely misguided. Lots of SEO’s took advantage of guest blogging, turning a respected and difficult practice into spam. However, there are still plenty of reasons guest […]

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Directory Submissions: The Ins and Left-Outs

To enhance a website’s visibility, directory submissions are being employed more and more. They are a great way to increase your inbound links and ensure that these links are of a high quality. The question is how does one make the most of one’s efforts? Follow these guidelines: Keywords Having the right keyword is important […]

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Search Engine Optimization Tips: Where Should You Link?

Search engine optimization doesn’t always cost a ton of money and time. There are resources that you can use to increase your site’s ranking. These resources allow you to provide information about your business as well as a URL. As a general rule of thumb, it is not advisable to rank or leave feedback for […]

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