LinkedIn Opens Publishing Platform, We Predict The Future They Create


Hack writers of the world unite! Looks like LinkedIn is getting into the “content marketing” game in a big way.

They have just released their new LinkedIn publishing platform, which will open up their custom content management system to their entire network, and create a new world of engagement for the pioneer career-networking website.

Now every member of the service, 277 million users at last count, will be able to write their own articles to be forever stored to and associated with their user profile.

This  shrewd move will exponentially multiply LinkedIn’s page views, as search results generated by all of the new “user generated content” will hit Google’s index like a sledgehammer on a sand castle.

How will spammers attack the new system? We predict they are already mass-creating new user profiles by the boatload, and architecting blog farms that can sneak through anti-spam search algorithms like snakes in the grass.

As for everybody else, they will quickly discover the click-bait, traffic formulas, use of images and metadata, and headline writing practices that are most effective in generating page views.

Plagiarism will run rampant, as will lies, misinformation, and strategic bias. Trolls will rule the site, as their polarizing views inspire clicks around the world. The most popular LinkedIn publisher will have a cat’s face as an avatar, and they will steal all of their headlines from Reddit. Corporate executives, and those who wish to look like them, will pay their own workers, and even text brokers in India to produce their Linked-In blogs.


A new cottage industry will surface in which Linked-In blog writers begin to generate more and more money for a site that gives them back nothing in direct monetary return. They will however become famous. More famous than they ever thought possible.

Eventually, the quest for having the most users creating the most content and generating the most traffic will crush journalism like a beetle under a steel toed boot. And all the professional writers of the world will go back to school and learn coding. Then they will create new LinkedIn profiles and start blogging about that.

Thanks LinkedIn!