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Finding an Internship That’s Right For You

Why Are Internships So Important?   When you’re on the hunt for a dream job, it’s important that you already have experience in the work world. Whether you are currently a student still weighing your options or a graduate looking to start a career – finding an internship that is right for you to help […]

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Top 5 Pet Friendly Workspaces in Miami

Have you ever found yourself arguing with photoshop or praying for better wifi signal in your office? US TOO! The solution to most problems is simple: PET A DOG, inhale, exhale, and annihilate the issue! This week’s post is dedicated to pets and tech in Miami, because sometimes you have to work in the city […]

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Snapchat Trophies, Because Everyone Deserves to Win

Snapchat madness has officially reached Pet Rock and Tamagotchi levels of fame. Snapchat, for those of you that are unfamiliar with the name, is a fun messaging application that allows you to send videos and images that disappear after your friends see it. Users – or “snappers” as they call themselves- are said to grow […]

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mobile devices

Top 5 Apps That Are Missing In Miami

Who wants to be a billionaire?! Miami is one of the most mobile device obsessed cities in the USA. And that means all the future disruptive industry dominators in the universe should be right here on our fair shores testing the market for their products. Unfortunately for us, most tech companies and startups are based […]

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