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Top 5 Pet Friendly Workspaces in Miami

Have you ever found yourself arguing with photoshop or praying for better wifi signal in your office? US TOO! The solution to most problems is simple: PET A DOG, inhale, exhale, and annihilate the issue! This week’s post is dedicated to pets and tech in Miami, because sometimes you have to work in the city […]

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13 Most Important Pieces Of Advice For Digital Marketers

Understand and embrace the importance of content strategy as a foundational element of your SEO and online marketing campaign. Furthermore, know and understand the difference between high-quality and low-quality content. Too many business owners publish just about anything because they think they need to publish tons of content to perform well in search results. But […]

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How The Google My Business App Can Increase Conversions and ROI

Since the release of the new Google My Business (GMB) platform, the SEO community has been buzzing about its implications for internet marketing. Pacific 54 has years of experience in Search Engine Optimization and knows firsthand that the Google My Business app is pivotal in achieving success from working with local companies and being experts in […]

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A White Hatter’s Solution to the Private Blog Network Service

While affiliate marketers and black hat SEO’s may still be able to get away with relying on PBN’s or private blog network service to boost rankings, a lot of bigger agencies are using their heads and not devouring the risk involved with associating a clients brand to a link network, when Google has wiped out […]

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