Most Common Blunders with Local Business Websites

Local business websites are specially designed to enlarge the sphere of business customers that actually need your product or service. Therefore, it is very important for a business website to depict the true colors that existing and potential customers can somehow relate to their needs. From time to time, it has seen that most of local business websites fail to deliver what is expected in terms of search engine as well as consumer needs. You need to avoid most common blunders resulting in permanent failure of web appearance or low traffic to your website. Here are some of basic mistakes and their solutions, which you must consider while designing your local business website.

Avoid using vanity Number

There are two basic disadvantages of using vanity numbers on your local businesswebsite. The first being so much difficulty that yourcustomers will face while dialing it from latest phones that do not have letters on their numeric pads. Moreover, search engines fail to associate this combination of letters and numbers with your business name and local listings.

Avoid Using Phone Number with a Graphic Image

Internet users hate to put efforts when they are online. It may sound difficult to have a paper handy and you are writing down a phone number. Instead, you’d love to copy and paste it directly from the source website. Therefore, do not consider adding graphic images to simply display the phone number on your local business website.

Keep Insignificant Things Important

Quite a few times, businesses do not bother to update insignificant items of their website, just like Copyright year. You might have experienced to see a website in 2011 that has privacy and copyright year of 2010 or 2009 or something else. Make sure your website is up to date in terms of such things that matter a lot sometimes.

Avoid Making a Flash-only Website

Despite of good design and functionality of a platform, it is very important to check the search enginecompatibility, which is the need of every marketing strategy. Having a banner in flash is acceptable, but the whole website in flash will result in two basic and most significant problems. The first being its poor SEO, which will be a setback for marketing and promotional purposes. Secondly, it is very hard to personalize a website and give a lively look using flash. This will eventually end up losing customers who will not find the required information or environment at your website.

Do Not Set Music to Play by Default

Playing music by choice in a right atmosphere is quite understandable, however, imposing the sound of music while opening a website may leave a bad impression on your exiting or potential customer. In addition, playing music sometimes consume additional bandwidth, which may slow down your computer and internet speed.

Keep a Track of Payments to Designer and Host Provider

This is the most important part, as if you miss the deadline of payment to your hose provider, your website may go down for some time. This gives a very bad impression about your services and overall business.