100 Most Expensive Keywords on Google


Google is a six letter word with 3 primary colors that grossed $66 billion dollars last year. What’s less commonly known about google’s revenue is where it comes from.

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We’ve been Google Partners since 2014 and have harnessed their great power in our effort to aggressively market our clients through professional Paid Advertising.

Mosts of Google’s revenue comes from the sponsored ads you see to the right of search results. It’s no coincidence that your search for “car repair in Miami” will reveal relevant sponsored ads. The magic is in the use of keywords. Keywords help marketers- ahem, us- reach target audiences by search query and location.

To sum it up, if you own a business it’s imperative that you familiarize yourself with the keywords that pertain to the nature of your industry. Even if they are one of the most expensive keywords, once identified, you pay Google to get your website to appear on the right of search results.

According to economics the higher the demand the lower the supply; the lower the supply the higher the price. The high demand for Google Adwords has skyrocketed the price of keywords north of $500. For example, “San Antonio Car Wreck Attorney” will set you back a whopping $670.44!

The folks over at SEMrush have compiled an infographic that breaks down the highest cost per click keywords in the Google.

The dataset shows that 58% of the keywords are location-sensitive like “Motorcycle accident attorney Los Angeles”, while only 1% relate to business services.

Some of our personal favorites are “help with alcohol” for $273.33 and “Drug rehab NYC” for $268.63.

Think about the last time you needed an oil change, air conditioning repair, or a suggestion for dinner. Odds are you went through Google to find the service.

If you’re looking to boost your company’s web presence and revenue, keywords are the way to go (we can help).


Here is a List of the Top 100 Most Expensive Keywords

expensive keywords

expensive keywords


Image courtesy of SEMRush