Most While Running Your Business

I totally disagree with the famous saying “You cannot learn from others’ mistakes”. In my opinion, you do not have to make a mistake yourself to learn a lesson. A wise person always observes others making mistakes and then learns what is right and what is wrong.

Here are some of the biggest mistakes most of businesses make. You would, and most definitely should, avoid them. They are as follow:

Results of Poor Planning:

Good, efficient planning is what takes your business forward. If you do not plan your business website in detail, you are doing your bit in destroying an otherwise potentially successful business. You – the owner – have to pay special importance to each minor detail of the website. You cannot leave it to others, you just cannot! Having confidence in others in a good trait but shying away from what you have to do is not the way to go. You are the one who knows your business the most therefore the whole format of your website should be based on your idea and suggestions, however, ideas from others should also be welcomed.

Plan out the strategies related to your blogs before time. Decide on the various details such as fonts, font’s sizes, header images, line spacing, layout so on and so forth. Your business website is a representation of how professional your business is.

A business website can have three main objectives:

  • Inform about yourself, your business including the products or services you are offering
  • Advertising a product and selling
  • Gathering leads for e-mail marketing

Customized Contact Information

Nothing is worse than losing a potential client. Many a times people fail to find contact details on a website. Contact details are not only useful for immediate business transaction but also for potential future sales whereby a user may need them to inquire further before purchasing your products.

Minute Errors Can Be disastrous

Broken, missing links to pages, images and connecting information should be fixed. Your business website should be crash as little as possible.

Obsolete Information

There is nothing worthwhile about giving out old, outdated, useless information. A user takes his time out to gain information when he visits your website. Outdated information will not only waste his precious time but also frustrate him. You can lose out a potential customer because of obsolete information.

Bad Layouts

There is a reason why website developers exist. You always have your opinions but the professional know the best. Let them do their work. Let them choose the colors and styles of your business website.


Do not, and I repeat DO NOT use old pop-styles. A good kind of popup is one used at Aweber. It contains a fading in of the page overtops of the portion a website user is browsing through.

Heavy Websites

Your website is intended to be easily accessible by all. Therefore, you have to take care that not all of your users will have high-speed internet connection. Of course, you cannot optimize your website for everyone around the globe but making it possible for most to access is only going to benefit you. Getting rid of all the flash and bright animations and video clips may also seem like a good idea.