A White Hatter’s Solution to the Private Blog Network Service

While affiliate marketers and black hat SEO’s may still be able to get away with relying on PBN’s or private blog network service to boost rankings, a lot of bigger agencies are using their heads and not devouring the risk involved with associating a clients brand to a link network, when Google has wiped out one after another over the past several years.

Let’s face it- affiliate marketers have a lot less at stake if their Botox website gets penalized than an agency does if one of their nationally and/or locally recognized brands gets de-indexed.

That being said, is there a viable work around to the private blog network service that agency account managers and content marketers can use in order to reap the same, if not greater benefits of having content consistently backlinked to a network of high PR, authoritative websites? Pacific 54, an agency that specializes in web marketing and SEO in Miami, has the answers.

Short Term Payoff vs. Long Term Commitment

I was recently speaking to a saavy SEO consultant who was impressed yet floored when I told him about my solution to the private blog network service merely because of the amount of time he perceived it would take.

However, although there are tools that consolidate the amount of time it takes to scrape an auction, sift through the hundreds of domains for page rank, citation flow, social signals, and trust flow and THEN start to build out content, you still have to create categories, and decide which domains to use for what products/clients then eventually have enough beef to maybe be legit, AND there is still no promise that Google isn’t going to spot it, and annihilate it.

For the same amount of time, if not less, as it takes to build a PBN you can still get high PR, consistent links from trustworthy websites for all of your clients, so long as you’re willing to make a long term commitment and be patient for the results.

private blog network service

I know, I know. Patience is a virtue. But if you take the time to try this route you might actually surprise yourself, as long as you don’t immediately give up at the first sign of rejection.

Building a Link Network on a Per Client Basis

The same way a private blog network service serves affiliate marketers, finding and becoming a contributor to high PR website blogs in your clients niche will build their website authority and rank them higher on SERP’s.

The first step to implementing this approach is to make sure you, or whoever will be pitching Webmasters, has a solid link portfolio of their own. It’s likely that the first thing a potential opportunity is going to do is check out your online reputation. But that’s a different conversation.

Once you’re confident with your own portfolio and pitching skills, start with one client, and seek out high PR blogs within that niche. Make a list, then start sending out emails, making phone calls, and filling out contact forms. Also- do not be afraid of live chat.

I’ve found a surprising amount of opportunities using direct live chat widgets/plugins. When you’re comfortable, branch out and apply the same technique to more clients, until you’ve maximized your outreach potential.

It’s important to remember that this is a game of numbers, and after a few weeks (if not days), you WILL see results, so don’t get discouraged if your first attempts are fruitless.

Just. Keep. Pitching.

private blog network service

Once someone bites, use a service like Textbroker or Zerys and order at least 5-10 HIGH quality articles including the one you initially pitched, and follow up daily until the Webmaster has made it live.

They already told you yes, so don’t be shy about being persistent. Make sure you have them include your bio, with you being listed as a “contributor” to “client website” with a dofollow link back. Then, wait a day or two, and send them another article.

The Drop Off

private blog network service

There is absolutely no reason you shouldn’t become a regular contributor once a Webmaster has agreed to publish at least one piece of content for you. That being said, do not let these opportunities drop off as they so often do.

Make sure you follow up with another article, and if they are using a CMS like WordPress have them set you up as a contributor to take off some of the stress from their end.

Don’t get me wrong, there will be plenty of people who will gladly upload the content for you, but if there is anything you can do to simplify the process you’re only helping to solidify a long term relationship.

What Not to Do With A Private Blog Network Service

DO NOT be annoying. If someone says no, leave him or her alone, and move on to the next opportunity.

If you can help it, don’t use your agency and/or company email.

When people see you as working for an agency, SEO company, or anything web related they will immediately perceive you as a marketer, rather than a writer that can add value to their website.

And while you may or may not be writing the content on your own, it’s important that whoever you’re pitching knows that either way, they are going to receive excellent content when all is said and done.

I’ve learned to stay away from pitching through the agency email unless I’m pitching on behalf of the company.

Don’t be reluctant to reach out via social media. I’ve had the most success on a personal level and plenty of success for clients by tweeting my pitch or sending it in a Facebook message.

Don’t give up. It sounds cheesy, but after a few weeks and a little persistence, you’ll find yourself with one or two high PR contributor roles for each client, and a few weeks later, even more.

Aside from posting on each client blog, you now have a mirco network of valuable, nitche specific backlinks that create trust and authority for every one of your clients where this method is appropriate.

Syndication and Wrap Up

One of the take aways that you should offer in your initial pitch is the fact that your content generates traffic, and you’ll be able to prove it.

Post clickbait on Reddit and get them a dofollow, a ton of traffic, and your client even more SERP authority. A simple Reddit post can lead to a dofollow link and thousands of visitors in just 24 hours. Read More about Reddit dofollow backlinks.

private blog network service

Can you intelligently build a private blog network service that’s maintainable and may not be penalized by Google?

Of course. Should you?

That’s up to you.

My opinion is why risk doing something that can be done another way, and yield the same results.