Search Engine Optimization Tips: Where Should You Link?

Search engine optimization doesn’t always cost a ton of money and time. There are resources SEO Miamithat you can use to increase your site’s ranking. These resources allow you to provide information about your business as well as a URL. As a general rule of thumb, it is not advisable to rank or leave feedback for your company. This typically looks bad and could call the integrity of your business into question. That being said, it is alright to supply other information so that potential customers can find you.

Yellow Book
Yellow Book is a popular commodity on the internet. Here, you can sign up to have your listing included if it isn’t already. The site allows user ratings, which can be a wonderful thing. The problem is not everyone runs off to rate a business as soon as they buy a product or service. Once you do get some ratings, you can enjoy better ranking on the Yellow Book site.

Many business owners create a profile on Spoke. The function of the site works a lot like Linkedin, allowing users to build a public profile and network. Spoke allows users to include HTML along with links. Creating an account and including this information can help your business gain more exposure through search engines.

City Voter
City Voter is another good site to be listed on. The site is designed to allow listings by city location. On the positive side, it is hard to play the system on City Voter, so make sure you stick with your correct location. The site does not permit links to be included when posting reviews, so be aware of this restriction.

Super Pages
Along with Yellow Book, the Super Pages is another popular choice when looking for a business online. Get your business listed, or updated, to ensure you are tapping into this excellent resource. Adding your business’ information is very easy and takes very little time. To remain honest, Super Pages monitors all reviews posted, so keep this in mind if you plan on convincing others to post reviews for your company.

Get Fave
Get Fave is another good site that you can include your business’ information on. The only draw back is the way your link appears on the listing. Get Fave requires the anchor text be simply “website.” Indexing occurs quickly as well because Get Fave posts all new listings directly on their homepage.