Search Engine Optimization

Which Social Media Giant Will Dominate the News Sector?

Long gone are the days of waking up and picking up the morning paper. Now, we wake up, unlock our mobile devices, and scroll through our favorite social media platforms to access the latest news (unless you forgot to plug in your phone last night). Social media is now bringing news to the fingertips of […]

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How Monitoring Backlinks Can Maximize Your Search Ranking

Have your rankings tanked recently? Worried that someone built bad backlinks to your website? Read this blog to learn the importance of monitoring backlinks! Your website’s online health is crucial to optimizing for search ranking. Many webmasters, do-it-yourselfers, agencies, and even organizations forget that websites can be considered sick in the eyes of a search […]

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3 Marketing Predictions for 2015 That No One is Recognizing

As the final days of 2014 come to a close, click baiting marketers everywhere are releasing their “Top 10 Marketing Trend Predictions for 2015” – which annoys me every year. We all know the trends because we’re the ones creating the trends. Either way, I felt inspired to add my two cents this year and […]

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black hat SEO

Top 3 Modern Black Hat SEO Techniques To Avoid Like The Plague In 2014

Black Hat SEO tricksters are the ponzi schemers of web marketing. They use other people’s money to create deceit networks so deviously conceived that even the culprit may believe the lies. But fake engagement washes away faster than invisible ink on an old bar napkin. And black hat gains are real life losses.

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SEO Miami

Top 10 Absolutely Vital Web Marketing Techniques for 2014

Every business owner knows that there are only so many hours in a day, and only so much work that you can do yourself within them. That is why the key to professional management is efficiently delegating tasks, and insuring their completion.

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